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you’re as happy as the least happy person in the relationship


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I know a good thing when I see it,
and it’s a bad thing to let go.


Please come here.. come right on over..
when we collide we’ll see what gets left over
… There is no line that you can’t step right over
Turn a new page, tear the old one out;
I’ll try to see things your way
and I’m gonna love you anyway.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

13 October 2003 Monday

bit by bit

slated in site-building at 12:06 pm

considerable progress, i think.. it’s taken tons more time than it might look, but the good news definitely is that i’m learning every bit of the way. it’s goodness :) now… back to bed.. or to breakfast?

11 October 2003 Saturday

between domains

slated in site-building at 10:44 pm

so i finally get movable type to seemingly more or less work on this domain. and then i get it to seemingly more or less work on another domain. and now this domain thinks the other domain is the only one that movable type should do business with, so when i try to update templates and other reasonable stuff on this domain, the other domain kicks in and asks for username and password, which it then rejects because it wants the login info for the domain, which, i actually really have no interest in working with right now. <sigh>

afterthought: maybe it’s an opera issue?

… and would you look at that… it won’t let publish any new entires either, on this domain… so let’s try ol’ ie. if that works, then this’ll go up, and you’ll know all is zany and unreasonable and works, in the universe.

05 October 2003 Sunday

on the matter of fonts...

slated in site-building at 10:41 pm

to go serif, or sans serif? had planned on sans serif (basically ‘arial‘.. tho i was using straightforward basic ‘ms sans serif‘..) but ‘georgia‘ seems to be the “it” font for weblogs, which this may or may not turn out to be… and ‘georgia‘ is definitely a damn good looking font. why am i even discussing this?

a little further along in nowhere

slated in site-building at 9:34 pm

this here is the excerpt, apparently.

27 August 2003 Wednesday

the first entry ever (on mt)

slated in site-building at 2:01 pm

this is a test entry. i expect to be able to delete it later.

blah blah blah extended stuff

slated in moments

i’m eating sashimi. happiness
imagine a large arcade plaza with every game(video and other amusement) you can think of… then give it a half-dozen additional floors and charge approximately $1 per 15 minutes of being inside—for free play—NO coins, NO tokens, none of that… the only additional charges are if you buy food/beer and stuff. they had arcade handgliding,horseriding,of course shooting games,racing games,table hockey,real fishing,disco,a game in which you kill zombies by typing quickly(good god..something for EVERYone..),bowling,ping-pong,sauna,weight-room,karaoke,reading space,dvd collection and viewing space,massage,basketball,etc. etc. etc. 8 floors. plusbasement and roof. basically $4/hour. a truly truly fabulous place. it’s called JJclub.
my brother’s coming to visit me in japan. happiness
we go to the beach (japan sea) at the end of the week. and i’m figuring whether it’s reasonable for me to ‘hop over’ to korea for a couple nights before meeting up with my aunt and her family and my brother, in tokyo.
i’m coming home soon. happiness there just might be a boy there who i’ve been kinda maybe sorta missing a little bit… ;)

25 June 2003 Wednesday

c.happy birthday amit - june 25

slated in days at 8:13 pm

happy birthday amit – june 25

20 March 2003 Thursday

Playlist 03/19/2003

slated in playlists at 3:12 am
Train – Hopeless
Anggun – Snow on the Sahara
Goo Goo Dolls – Name
Sanjay Mishra – For Julia
Judy Collins – Send in the Clowns
George Winston – Walking in the Air

18 March 2003 Tuesday

x.not updating xanga

slated in moments at 1:30 am

screw it. i’m prolly not updating xanga anymore. i’ll try to keep up with the profile site instead. look for me there. meanwhile, ‘hope everyone had a happy st. patricks day… and… yes. have a good day/week/month/year..

15 March 2003 Saturday

slated in moments at 4:05 pm

it’s beauuuuuuuuuutiful weather today.

*happy ali* :)

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