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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

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If living is giving, I’m ready, I’m willing.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

14 November 2012 Wednesday

My Nexus 7 review

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I can highly recommend the Google Nexus 7; mine is much a part of my daily life.

12 November 2012 Monday

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Happy 11/11 day.

So much grief I’ve been given all my life for eating raw cookie dough. Yet I can’t recall an occasion in which I’ve regretted eating the cookie dough. I have often regretted, though, as I do at this particular moment, regret having more available to me.

06 October 2012 Saturday


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Thank you Private Practice for at least writing an episode about something that no one seems to ever want to even consider: that people can be wired in a way they do not choose and they can be fundamentally very good people and it is all our responsibility too to help them be safe and keep everyone safe.

21 August 2012 Tuesday

TextDrive R.I.P. crosspost

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TextDrive, R.I.P.

More info:
Joyent Forums


TextDrive was–well, in their own words:
TextDrive is a hosting company run by and for people who love publishing on the web. From shared hosting to fully managed dedicated servers (and everything in between), our reasonably priced hosting plans represent what we consider to be the very best?

“Was” indeed.


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“You want me on your team! I’m awesome!”

She is awesome and they so should have her on the team.
The things this show gets right, it gets really right.

16 August 2012 Thursday

2012: The Year of Health

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I dubbed 2012 early on as The Year of Health.
In 2012 I learned my blood type.
July 2012 marked one year for me taking Asea, and also marked one year for me without illness and without discomfort lasting beyond several hours, usually less than several minutes.

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O_O I’d forgotten the contents of the beginning of Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and started the audiobook and ohmigosh. So much ohmigosh.

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So full of Thai food. Have been very well, and thankful for it. The moon in the sunset tonight was quite beautiful. Looking forward to enjoying more of those from different angles and distances. Can you believe a water reminder app is notably increasing my water intake? Much goodness. I ate a lot today; cake and cookies and cheese and duck and eggplant and rice. But it’s okay! Cheers!

27 July 2012 Friday

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Something odd is going on with my hosting account size.. I should have unlimited space but I’m being thrown warning messages of “over account limit”. Haven’t had the time to address it yet, but will need to. Email seems to be bouncing due to size except that I still receive all the emails.. I think.. If someone thinks otherwise, please contact me through a comment form or something.. I receive those (and email addresses remain private).

Step Up (in 3D)

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I think I’m the only person I know who’s completely excited to see Step Up Revolution 3D, and that’s easily because I’m the only person I know who saw Step Up 3D in 3D. People, you don’t know have any idea what you missed and what you missed was aMAYzing with really large font — exactly what 3D film should be and has never been in any other 3D film ever so far (until hopefully this next one which I am completely excited to see). I will enjoy it enough for all of you.

  • Update, Step Up Revolution 3D was NO Step Up 3D _ I think they tried to push too many gimmicks (pretty much all of which were in the trailers). Where Step Up 3D was effective with simple scenes that really popped in 3D and were simply fun, Step Up Revolution instead built big complicated scenes with bungee cords, bouncing cars, bouncing stilts, trampolines, light shows… And way way too much Miami, bikinis, heavily-breathing bodies touching and lips close; too much, not endearing, not fun; not like the previous Step Up movies. The dance scene with the suits was stunningly beautiful; loved that one. The art gallery scene was very beautiful but didn’t quite make it to incredible for me where I would have expected it.. so many scenes in the previous movies were incredible to me. And the songs weren’t as catchy and the credits weren’t mesmerizing as the last one was. I think I need to see it again to appreciate the dance scenes better, but my impression was that they were too cluttered and gimmicky, where the dancers and their dancing should have stood on their own. :/ And the 3D didn’t pop! What happened? The last one was so awesome -_
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