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I breathe by your looks


I can still let it go, I can still learn to grow into a child again. .. Silence is easy—it just becomes me. You don’t even know me; why lie about me?


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

27 April 2012 Friday

slated in moments at 5:34 am

I hear rain through my window. It’s beautiful.

13 April 2012 Friday

slated in days at 5:41 pm

Happy Friday the 13th

07 April 2012 Saturday

Playlist 04/2012

slated in playlists at 7:22 pm

Ed Sheeran – Lego House
Suzanne Vega – Left of Center
Snow Patrol – Make This Go On Forever
Of Monsters and Men

29 March 2012 Thursday

Playlist 03/2012

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The Civil Wars
Foster the People

29 February 2012 Wednesday

Well and good.

slated in mused at 5:44 pm

Increasingly over the past ~two years, whenever someone asks me or I hear them ask somebody else “How are you doing?”, no matter whether the answer is “good” or “well”, my head reminds me “Superman does good, I’m doing well.” And then sometimes I think about it for a little while. Like so.

Playlist 02/2012

slated in playlists at 5:32 pm

Pearl and the Beard
The Torches
Snow Patrol
Man of La Mancha soundtrack

Prodigal Daughter Video

slated in consumed at 5:29 pm

Video for Pearl and the Beard’s Prodigal Daughter is super cute and beautiful. But it’s not a music video; has no correspondence with any of the sound from the song. Could have easily been accomplished with adjustment of scenes to time with the music; would make it one of the most beautiful music videos ever.

10 February 2012 Friday

slated in dreams at 6:57 am

I’ve been having a good week. But went to bed late last night (~4am?) and had probably the most bizarre non-nightmare nightmare ever.. I must have been at the cusp of having just fallen asleep, and I must have been dreaming or daydreaming or something… and suddenly, out of nowhere, incredible violence… I don’t know if I did it or someone else did it to me, but it was so bad.. a bat, bashing the head and then the body down down bash and I snapped myself out and was immediately disturbed and thought, “where the HECK did that come from??” and the feeling/image of the bashing was still so strong and I didn’t even want to think of the part before the violence to trace its origin but it was so terrible and I was afraid of it staying with me and it felt like I would never forget that terrible violence and that it would stay in me and I concentrated away from it and turned away and still felt and focused on anything else and finally I got back to sleep and away from them. I didn’t try to recount it until this afternoon and found, very gratefully, that I had forgotten most all the details, except what I’ve recounted above.

07 February 2012 Tuesday

slated in dreams at 2:44 am

I experienced that thing again where dream-like patterns flash before my eyes; even if I wake and look around my room, they still continue flashing before me like they’re projected from somewhere… this time seemed to flash a bit slower than usual, perhaps because of larger images in the center, faces, like faces on money but unfamiliar and either ancient or digital-looking.. Feels a bit scary..never know when the faces/patterns might morph into a nightmare… But even when I turned on lights and even when I turned over they still flashed for a bit.. I wanted to follow them but was more concerned with sleeping and not nightmaring; going to bed at 4am 3-4 nights in a row does not help me in this regard. But am fine. No crashing. And few nightmares despite the patterns; maybe twice in the past 6-7 months. But the flashing patterns continue to fascinate me.. really seems like a visual defrag or something…though I don’t feel or recognize anything when the pictures flash.

20 January 2012 Friday

Happy Year of the Water Dragon!!

slated in days at 9:45 pm

Cheers to 2012

I love this year.


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