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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

10 February 2012 Friday

slated in dreams at 6:57 am

I’ve been having a good week. But went to bed late last night (~4am?) and had probably the most bizarre non-nightmare nightmare ever.. I must have been at the cusp of having just fallen asleep, and I must have been dreaming or daydreaming or something… and suddenly, out of nowhere, incredible violence… I don’t know if I did it or someone else did it to me, but it was so bad.. a bat, bashing the head and then the body down down bash and I snapped myself out and was immediately disturbed and thought, “where the HECK did that come from??” and the feeling/image of the bashing was still so strong and I didn’t even want to think of the part before the violence to trace its origin but it was so terrible and I was afraid of it staying with me and it felt like I would never forget that terrible violence and that it would stay in me and I concentrated away from it and turned away and still felt and focused on anything else and finally I got back to sleep and away from them. I didn’t try to recount it until this afternoon and found, very gratefully, that I had forgotten most all the details, except what I’ve recounted above.

07 February 2012 Tuesday

slated in dreams at 2:44 am

I experienced that thing again where dream-like patterns flash before my eyes; even if I wake and look around my room, they still continue flashing before me like they’re projected from somewhere… this time seemed to flash a bit slower than usual, perhaps because of larger images in the center, faces, like faces on money but unfamiliar and either ancient or digital-looking.. Feels a bit scary..never know when the faces/patterns might morph into a nightmare… But even when I turned on lights and even when I turned over they still flashed for a bit.. I wanted to follow them but was more concerned with sleeping and not nightmaring; going to bed at 4am 3-4 nights in a row does not help me in this regard. But am fine. No crashing. And few nightmares despite the patterns; maybe twice in the past 6-7 months. But the flashing patterns continue to fascinate me.. really seems like a visual defrag or something…though I don’t feel or recognize anything when the pictures flash.

20 January 2012 Friday

Happy Year of the Water Dragon!!

slated in days at 9:45 pm

Cheers to 2012

I love this year.


17 January 2012 Tuesday

Google Circles / Contacts

slated in moments at 6:34 pm

Google’s merge of Circles contacts into my Gtalk and Gmail contacts is one of the worst things to ever happen in the history of ever. Just really bad.
I feel forced now to delete the majority of my circles, and sadness for me re: anyone that was worth keeping but were not in one of my “already knew this person before g+ so they definitely belong in my contact list and in fact are already there” circles; they’re all getting disappeared now. Sad but necessary. This is self-defense; I must save myself.

22 December 2011 Thursday


slated in dreams at 6:05 pm

Experienced the cartoons flashing thing again.. it’s like an overlay.. same clear with eyes open… each picture detailed and clear but all too chaotic and fast and sort of unreal to focus upon and interpret nor remember. Not such odd/weird cartoon characters this time… almost a little bit ancient/abstract. This was shortly after a nightmare — something to do with vampires.

18 December 2011 Sunday

I turned down cookie dough

slated in moments at 11:35 pm

It was the right thing to do at the time. And, as predicted, I quite regret it now.

16 December 2011 Friday

Me and Josh Ritter

slated in moments at 8:51 am

So much happy. Josh Ritter and Me :) :) :)

Josh and Me :)
at his book reading/signing at Politics & Prose.

I don’t know that he ever really stops smiling; he’s certainly contagious.

15 December 2011 Thursday

Welcome, December

slated in moments at 6:44 am

We’re halfway through already, but have been here all the while, and relevant still.. Welcome, December. I like smiling at you; thank you.

14 December 2011 Wednesday

Fd broke

slated in site-building at 12:39 am

le sigh. Ferrydust was broken.. exhibiting a couple of errors across the pages that I figured traced back to some plugin that was attached to a mysql or php version upgrade or something. I checked the internets and several other sites experiencing the same error. But I couldn’t find a fix or pinpoint the problem and I couldn’t hide it, so I went ahead and upgraded the Textpattern version to current (4.4.1), which hasn’t been done in ages. (Did this across two other sites that were similarly “broken”.) This solved one or two errors, but left another one or two.. I trial and errored until I found the plugin linked the the problem and disabled it. Surely that would break some pages on some articles but so be it. Otherwise seemed to be well. Discovered today that articles were not showing on some pages… Went through and eventually found a ridiculous fix (changed txp:article to txp:output_form) but a) that was really stupid—shouldn’t be that way and b) still others still not showing/working/cannot be so “straightforwardly” fixed. Will have to deal with it later. Scrap the whole thing and start with some existing uncustomized template?

Also, grrrrrrrr.

29 November 2011 Tuesday

slated in mainstream at 8:11 pm

I met a kid (4.75 or 5.75 years old) last weekend whose favorite food is broccoli. Reallly? What is it you like about Broccoli? “EVERYTHING!” Even raw, apparently.

I think having an emphatic love for eating vegetables is an excellent early start in life. If broccoli makes him so happy, just imagine when he gets to know bacon. :)

(I have broccoli with my lunch today, which is why this came up now.)

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