Plurk resource/reference guide

Welcome to Plurk: the Other t61 Social Tab :)
‘hope this might be helpful to Plurk newbies or as general reference..

Mobile view:

If you’re overwhelmed by the regular timeline view, you may want to try the mobile view at

Plurk will automatically hotlink any URL you submit. i.e. to make a link, you just type the url and send. To give it a title, put the title in parenthesis, one space after the link. OR use the Share on the dropdown verbs and add the link there.

e.g. (Title is here)
this will output: Title is here

If it’s a Youtube link, Plurk will automatically embed the video.
If it’s a direct link to an image file, Plurk will automatically embed the image. (This is how we apply all the extra emoticons, too.)

Sharing PBs (PlurkBoxes):

PB => TB => TuneBox
If it’s a PB of a *new* song, here’s the best format, for consistency and quick recognition from everyone:

  • use the Shares verb
  • type/paste the following:
    (music) PB: (Artist - Title)
  • Click Private Plurks, Languages & Options and send to your T61 clique
  • Send!

(music) PB: (Brian Mazzaferri - She Leaves)

will output:

A few notes on PBs

If it’s not a new song, just a song you’d like to share/promote, use the same method but leave out the (music) PB: .. that way we can distinguish them. Don’t worry, we’re very likely to pay attention if there’s a song (no matter how hold) that you’d like to share with us — that’s why we’re here in the first place!

The reason to send it as a private post to your T61 clique is that with all the (wonderful) chatter going on all the time, PBs get buried and lost in the midst. If we can give them a consistent format and send them as private messages, though, then other viewers can hit the Private tab and see only those posts that are private; we’ll get non-PBs in there too, of course, but at least the selection will be much smaller.

*hint: A useful way to wade through PBs if you’ve been away from Plurk overnight/several hours, is to use the mobile view and hit the Private plurks tab there.

Creating a clique:

To make a clique, go to your Friends, Cliques tab, create a clique and type in names of friends to add them.

Plurk IM Bot:

If you use Google Talk or Google Chat, there’s a handy Plurk IM Bot you can use.

Once you add the plurk bot to your GTalk buddy list, you can receive and send/reply to plurks from GTalk.

To give your post/response a Verb (says, thinks, is) through the bot, start your response with the verb.

To reply to specific threads, type the thread ID and then your response, e.g. #anwwf thinks that's silly

You can also ask the bot for help, by sending help.

Make sure to check your Friends list (from your profile) to make sure you have “Follow IM” on your friends, or their posts/responses won’t show up through the bot.

This works the same way as in twitter: to link to a person’s name, put an @ symbol in front of their plurkname.
e.g. @SallySilvera becomes Sally


To use emoticons (beyond those built into Plurk), just paste the image link (it’ll end with .gif or .jpg or some other image file extension) — it’ll automatically go through as a linked image once you send the post.

Thanks Kalei, Uchari, Huliwuxian and Philomath for the links to smiley repositories!

Greasemonkey scripts:

If you have Greasemonkey for Firefox

Acronyms and abbreviations

These are commonly-used acronyms/abbreviations/terms you’re likely to see..

  • PBPlurkBox (derived from TB/TuneBox) [see PBs entry]
  • BOBWBest of Both Worlds — One song is picked each day from an SL artist, and the “partner” song is suggested by listeners (suggestions are submitted via TB/PB to mathman_mr_t or circerhode). [definition provided by circerhode]
  • RBRadio Bump — when you listen to someone’s radio on T61, that’s bumping it; it will add to their radio plays count.
  • FBFirst Bump — the first bump on a song
  • IYLIf You Like — sentiment: you’re offered the song/information, but it’s entirely up to you to decide whether you like it/want to support it.
  • scrapeblogscrape — Scrapes are songs taken from a music blog, not provided by the artist themselves; uploaded to T61 usually without knowledge nor participation of the artist. [definition provided by huliwuxian and CirceRhode]

Tips and notes

  • You can edit posts of your own if they are the original post in a thread. (There’s an edit link.) You cannot edit reply posts.
  • You can link to particular posts — bottom right corner of each thread will have a plurk page link.

Additional, miscellaneous notes:

Sound and notifications:

If you don’t want the ding! notification sounds that Plurk provides whenever you receive new messages, there’s a speaker symbol at the left side of the timeline (where the messages popup to tell you “new Plurks received!”) Clicking the speaker Off will turn off the sound.

You can also mute individual threads so that you are not notified whenever new posts are added to a particular thread; there is a mute link on the bottom right of each thread (in the original post).

Unfortunately, Plurk does not offer email notifications when you receive new messages. You can get email notifications for when new Plurk members request your friendship/fanship.


thanks to ThomasAD3 for initially putting this list together for everyone

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