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Finn Brothers - Gentle Hum

[preview, emusic, official site (song at bottom of audio/video page)]

This bird has to sing
my heart has to follow
a man with no soul
is wooden and hollow

This gentle hum
is just begun.
This gentle hum
will make us one.

My wish is for you:
and end to your sorrow
and if it comes true
you’ll wake up tomorrow
with a gentle hum
that has just begun
this gentle hum
will make us one.

There, for anyone who cares,
solemn faces in the courtroom stare.

And this gentle hum
will wake up tomorrow
with a gentle hum
This gentle hum

This gentle hum (this gentle hum, coming up from before)
will make us one (find a loving feeling inside)
this gentle hum (this gentle hum, bringing it back to me)
has just begun (find a loving feeling in your life)

These lyrics are by Finn Brothers, from Gentle Hum. Posted at 5:05am on 16 September 2006.
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