Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

When the ground starts moving beneath their feet, they reach for answers that seem solid, even if they are simplistic.


Playlist pieces

The heart is still a redwing. …
No I don’t mean that it’s so easy;
I don’t mean that it’s so small;
but the world below is not so mean
that it can make us fall.

All the lies of bluer skies descend..
No one’s better off without a friend..


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History repeats itself, doesn’t really mean we learn. …
We belong on top of the world.

Liontide - We Belong 17May22 #link

You stood beneath a burning tree
and hoped to rescue leaves

The Ballroom Thieves - Archers 22Jun19 #link

And I wonder: is he different? Is he different?
Has he changed what he’s about?
Or is he just a liar with nothing to lie about?

Ani DiFranco - Fuel 8May19 #link

This is almost overload — I said almost overload
Friends and foes and princes are all just human in the end

Snow Patrol - Empress 18May18 #link

I’m ‘a shout
I’m ‘a scream it
It’s not anything that I could ever keep in

TheWhatley - Alive 28Apr18 #link

She is my reason
my reason and my truth …
I would like to live for ever ever
I would like to live beside of her [sic.]

Raven Parque - She 28Apr18 #link

There’s no sign in beauty unless it starts with Be-You

Bennington - Gracefully 2Dec17 #link

There’s not much good in goodbye.

Bennington - Shhh 2Dec17 #link

Don’t you wonder

Jack Savoretti - Wonder 25Apr17 #link

I wanna see the sun rising anywhere but here

The Rescues - Break Me Out 1Apr17 #link

keep painting those walls a brighter shade of red and gold

Young Rising Sons - Red & Gold 30Mar17 #link

It had my heart, it has my heart, be still my heart, my heart will stay

Josh Ritter - Homecoming 28Mar17 #link

Knowing I was taller when upon my knees

Roo Panes - Stay With Me 27Mar17 #link

Have the heart of a giant but know you’re a man.

Roo Panes - Little Giant 27Mar17 #link

You are free as much as you can stand to be; you are free as anything you think that means.

Jimmy Eat World - You Are Free 24Mar17 #link

“Everything counts a little more than we think.”

The National - Ada 17Mar17 #link

I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony
… A song of peace that echoes on and never goes away

Kidsongs - I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing 11Mar17 #link

Everybody here has loved and lost, so level up and love again. … If you lift your eyes, I am your brother.

Vienna Teng - Level Up 15Jan14 #link

they sleep with hornets and they wonder why they wake up stung

Matt Nathanson - Room @ The End of the World 6Aug12 #link

“Keep your head up, keep your love…”

The Lumineers - Stubborn Love 12Jun12 #link
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