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"He who forgets, will be destined to remember..."

The Boy Bathing - The Questions Simple

Listen to me singing through the microphone
like I’m talking through the wires of a telephone..
it’s a couple of notes higher than a baritone..
getting quieter til you can barely hear a note.

‘Cause every poem I’ve written you can take apart
the questions can be simple but the answer hard
how can I finish if I never start
How can I love you with a broken heart?

I’m giving it a week until I quit the band
No thousand records sold and no biggest fan
no more summer touring, sleeping in the van,
no five dollars at the door-yman stamp my hand

I could’ve been a doctor with a stethoscope
listening to hearts and writing doctors notes
I’m not leaving the band — it was just a joke
I’ll be coughing out a song ‘as I can clear my throat

Until it’s time to die I’m gonna drown myself
I don’t wanna be responsible for no one else
into the Pacific with a white sail blowing
a hole into the bottom of the ocean.

How can I be sorry for the things I’ve done?
How can I be finished if I’ve not begun?
I’m not even sure I want to try again.
Every day begins, and every sun does set.

How’s it gonna matter if I die today?
Maybe one less car on the interstate.
If the clouds are gonna gather, then it’s time to rain.
How will I feel better when I feel the same?
If one is just a start but ten is a perfect number,
you were healthy appetite and I am hunger
maybe in a couple weeks when I get better
we can see a movie or just do whatever.

I see her in the hallway like a ballet dancer
If she would fall I would be there to catch her
I can make you happy, by your side forever
If you want to call me I’ll be there to answer

I’m taking half the year to go explore the world
Maybe find out that it spins around in one big circle
Makes me wish for something like a greater purpose
Something when we die that we can take down with us.

Something that will fit inside an empty casket
Twenty friends there only to spread the ashes
I want to be the one to cause a chain reaction
maybe make a difference before something happens

‘Cause lately they’ve been talking of a big disaster
Something everyone will have to clean up after
Forget all of the things I can’t remember
Running through the rye, but there is no catcher

I remember summers that were joy and laughter
Everyone was having so much fun together
Now it seems the seasons all go by much faster
I’m lonesome for the empty fields when nothing matters
when nothing matters.

These lyrics are by The Boy Bathing, from The Questions Simple. Posted at 5:24am on 6 October 2006.
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