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"He who forgets, will be destined to remember..."

Ray LaMontagne - Be Here Now

Don’t let your mind get weary and confused..
your will be still; don’t try.
Don’t let your heart get heavy, child;
inside you there’s a strength that lies.

Don’t let your soul get lonely, child..
it’s only time; it will go by.
Don’t look for love in faces, places —
it’s in you; that’s where you’ll find kindness.

Be here.. be here now.. be here now..
be.. be here now.. be here now…

Don’t lose your faith in me,
and I will try not to lose faith in you.
Don’t put your trust in walls,
‘cause walls will only crush you when they fall.

Be…be here now… be here now.
Be…be here now…be here now.

These lyrics are by Ray LaMontagne, from Be Here Now. Posted at 8:19pm on 13 December 2006.

Comments on Ray LaMontagne - Be Here Now

  1. Bilal Hameed

    this song made me cry after a long while, it’s a wonderful song and it brings back so much – so much that you want to forget …

    commented Thu 12 Apr 2007, 06:35:25 AM :: link
  2. npc

    id love to know what your thoughts on the meaning of this song are.
    do you think its to himself or about hurting someone else, or feeling bad about something..im just curious and would love your thoughts.
    btw, love the “nothingman” reference”

    commented Tue 29 Jan 2008, 11:38:31 AM :: link
  3. Could probably be interpreted a few ways..
    But as I hear it,
    he’s not really talking to himself (although his words apply to everyone), he’s talking to someone who’s been hurt..
    Possible he hurt the someone, but, more importantly, he’s trying to heal the someone. Maybe he’s trying to comfort them to open up to him — let the walls down and let him in. But above that there’s a general blanket of comfort he’s wrapping, reassuringly. Away from the past and safe now.

    What do you hear?

    commented Tue 29 Jan 2008, 03:40:48 PM :: link
  4. Arefeh

    I really identify wth ray, this song most of all.
    Its for people who have been hurt and dissapointed with life, mainly love. And the very gentle and fragile tend to over think, over analyse hurtful moments; our minds becoming weary and confused.

    Our hearts become heavy with doubt and greivance. A desperation sets in because we do not have faith, we look everywhere but inside beleiving we are alone.

    Ray reminds us to have faith in God, the universe, whatever you like. to beleive in the bigger picture..so we can be here in the now. and appreciate it and stop running from the moment.
    The walls between me and love have fallen when i was hurting..thats why they happened. There are no walls between me and love now. and i wont rebuild them because life will only collapse them on me again.

    We just need to have faith when we are hurting and not resist the change.

    commented Tue 07 Oct 2008, 02:33:44 AM :: link
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