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"He who forgets, will be destined to remember..."

bugger is a noun, git is a sub-standard verb

Mazer: My first letter will be to that git, Graff. It’s very brief: “Bugger off, gitling.” Sign it, “Respectfully Yours.”

Computer: ‘Bugger’ is a noun, ‘git’ is a sub-standard verb, and ‘gitling’ is not in any of my word bases. I cannot spell or parse the message properly without explanation. Do you mean: “Leave this place, alien enemy”?

Mazer: I made ‘gitling’ up but it’s an excellent word, so use it. And I can’t believe they programmed you without ‘bugger off’ in the word base.

Computer: I detect stress. Will you accept mild sedation?

Mazer’s a man after my own heart.

This is a quote of Orson Scott Card from Mazer in Prison. Posted at 8:00am on 19 January 2009.
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