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"He who forgets, will be destined to remember..."

Butters: Loo-loo-loo

Loo-loo-loo I got some apples
Loo-loo-loo you got some too
Loo-loo-loo let’s get together
have ourselves a loo-loo-loo

This is a true quote by Butters from South Park Posted at 6:35pm on 20 May 2005.

Comments on Butters: Loo-loo-loo

  1. elly

    loo loo loo
    i’ve got some apples
    loo loo loo
    you’ve got some too
    loo loo loo let’s make some applesauce
    take off out clothes and loo loo loo!

    commented Wed 21 Feb 2007, 8:40:35 PM :: link
  2. butters

    oh hamburgers…

    commented Fri 23 Feb 2007, 7:17:56 AM :: link
  3. Mohit Ranka

    hey its me…. butters

    commented Thu 02 Aug 2007, 1:29:49 PM :: link
  4. butt3rz


    commented Wed 12 Dec 2007, 4:51:35 PM :: link
  5. Butters

    Thats my face, sir!

    commented Sun 21 Sep 2008, 2:02:12 AM :: link
  6. FuturamaJSP

    Who’s the boy who can laugh at a storm cloud?
    Turn a frown into a smile for free?
    Who’s the kid with the heart full of magic?
    Everyone knows it’s Butters!

    Who’s the boy with the eyes full of wonder?
    Thinks being yourself is the best thing to be?
    Who’s that rascal with the tweezers in his pocket?
    Everyone knows it’s Butters!

    Jumpin’ in puddles, skippin’ down the hallway
    And he goes to petting zoos.
    He loves John Alway

    Who’s the tyke with the cutest little dimples
    Battin his eyes at every puppy he sees?
    If you look inside yourself
    You might be surprised when you find
    A little boy named Butters!

    :D Hail professor Chaos!

    commented Sun 06 Sep 2009, 4:26:35 AM :: link
  7. Bully

    you are all nerds and just go away unless you can prove me wrong in a 5 page essay all in 1337.

    commented Thu 19 Nov 2009, 3:46:54 PM :: link
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