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"He who forgets, will be destined to remember..."

The Last Five Years - Still Hurting

Jamie is over and Jamie is gone
Jamie decided it’s time to move on
Jamie has new dreams he’s building upon
and I’m still hurting.

Jamie arrived at the end of the line
Jamie’s convinced that the problems are mine
Jamie is probably doing just fine
but I’m still hurting.

What about lies, Jamie?
What about things that you swore to be true?
What about you, Jamie?
What about you?

Jamie is sure something wonderful died
Jamie decides it’s his right to decide
Jamie’s got secrets he doesn’t confide
And I’m still hurting.

Go and hide and run away
Run away, run and find something better.
Go and ride the sun away
Run away like it’s simple, like it’s right…

Give me a day, Jamie
Bring back the lies,
hang them up on the wall
maybe I’d see
how you could be
so certain that we
had no chance at all.

Jamie is over and where can I turn?
covered in scars I did nothing to earn.
Maybe there’s, somewhere, a lesson to learn
but that wouldn’t change the fact
that wouldn’t speed the time
once the foundation’s cracked..
and I’m still hurting.

These lyrics are by The Last Five Years, from Still Hurting. Posted at 7:13pm on 25 May 2010.
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