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Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Godhopping

I have found so many people like to smile alot—smile a lot cuz they’re having so much fun—even when they know they’re not..
they’ll wear some tiny little hat and they’ll feel good..
they’ll feel good cuz a hat is silly and silly means that their time is good

I’ve learnt that indecision only brings no joy..
so much joy to a fickle little world that every night i do TV, film myself CCTV
and there’s panic on the street when it’s not around

So we go to all the traffic and children who live far away
on the back of a big bus all the way to Bombay
when they go I am with them, but it won’t be long—
Godhopping for good times when everything starts to go wrong…

Powder cake they wear their makeup velis..
veils that hide them underneath such sweaty perfume smells..
high-heeled they are always looking down..
down their confidence is struggling hard to get around

These lyrics are by Dogs Die in Hot Cars, from Godhopping. Posted at 8:13am on 24 March 2005.
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