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Summer Lawns - Piano Song

The telepathic stars, they brought you back to land,
and rained a singsong radiation on your bed.
In a little boat they tied you to the mast
to stop the shipwreck that’s been buzzing in your head.

Now you’re falling down, it’s over we suggest..
she pull the curtains closed; try to get some rest.

Oh the secret’s out but still nobody knows
that the thin machines will lead us in the end.

Upon the blinking ship they’ll stand at the control
their dream of blasting love into the heart of man
Now you’re falling down.. it’s over we suggest..
She quietly close the door and try to get some rest

I’d really like to help you now but I just can’t find inside of me
I’d really like to help you all the strength they’re giving me
for free.. for free.. for free…

Underneath the bridge you took it on the chin,
and you feel betrayed by all your closest friends.
Oh the dogs all bark while the canary sings,
and you wonder if you’ll wake up in the end.

Now you’re falling down.. it’s over we suggest
She pulled the covers closed; try to get some rest.
That she put the kettle on.. try to get some rest.

That she quietly closed the door.. try to get some rest.

These lyrics are by Summer Lawns, from Piano Song. Posted at 11:20pm on 14 June 2006.
Thanks bebxxx for lyrics help!! :).
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