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09 August 2006 Wednesday


slated in moments at 5:58 am

Been away from the computer a fair bit today… eyes are tired of the screen. Will be back on a lot tomorrow though—can’t be helped; much work to get done on deadline.

Did four and a half (delicates don’t take up a full load) loads of laundry today… laundry, with all the steps involved (sorting, loading, transfer to dryer, fold, put away) takes a lot of time.

Went for a walk around the lake with dad—his first walk around the lake since he broke his knee a couple of months ago. The scar is still terrible, but he’s getting better and better.
On the walk, I picked up half a dozen huge mosquito bites around the backs of my legs. I’m a bit confounded by them, cuz I didn’t see them at all on the walk, and Dad didn’t get bitten (he’s usually more likely to be bitten than I am, I think…) and he didn’t see them either… but I felt them from the first quarter of the walk, and they were bright and red and big and apparent by about midway. they’re starting to fade now, but I can still feel and find them easily.

Got a fair bit of my room cleared today.. a bit of breathing room..
MUCH to sort though, in the way of unread mail and tons and tons of various papers.. I should really throw more than half of them out. I will.

Hm. I’m going to start the going to bed process now.. Though I was in bed by a reasonable hour last night, the obscene hours from the night before still had me thrown today, so I’ve been a bit tired (though not sleepy) all day. Hopefully tomorrow will be back on track.

Today was a good day. I ate lots and lots of basil seeds in the good acerola cherry juice. Basil seeds do make me happy.

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