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“Being someone’s friend isn’t about what you should have done. It’s about what you do.”


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you could be the voices that I hear
I’m singing along because it sounds just like you’re near


this is a good day.. tomorrow’s the same way


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"I know what to look for in a wave..."

22 June 2019 Saturday

slated in reading at 2:31 pm

‘…she could not bear to lose the chance to be with you for a while longer.’
‘This may complicate matters for me,’ said Daneel thoughtfully.
‘It is in a good cause,’ said Giskard.

Asimov is hilarious and a complete romantic (on multiple levels). And Daneel and Giskard are the cutest best friends ever. —Even more than Daneel+Lije Baley. And even a smidgen ahead of the super cute Aziraphale+Crowley.

30 May 2019 Thursday

Playlist 05 - 06/2019

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Gregory BrothersTosche Station
Jukebox the Ghost – Colorful, Fred Astaire, Time and I
Ani DifrancoFuel, 32 Flavors
Blue OctoberI Hope You’re Happy
Nahko and Medicine For The People – Black as Night
Dodie – Secret for the Mad, Burned Out
Sufjan Stevens – Love Yourself, With My Whole Heart
Jamie Cullum – For the Love
The Ballroom ThievesArchers

14 May 2019 Tuesday

slated in moments at 11:36 pm

Past Me lowercased things and herself for a looong time. I appreciate that she consciously stopped doing that, at least in text. It’s a visual and marked difference.
(‘Split the difference on the tense.)

Who penned the quote “a difference to be a difference must make a difference”? I don’t know; I like it. I also like “Living is a thing you do now or never—which do you?” That one’s Piet Hein.

The dress I wanted to wear on Saturday, for alllll the previous week, was remarkably hiding on Saturday and turned up only today; it did very good hiding. I wonder where when it wants to be worn instead.

When I decide to bedtime, it’s typically about two hours later that I get myself to bed. Unsolved mystery.

I don’t know how to comment on the show that eeeeveryone is watching and discussing, without a due rant about direwolves.

Still happies: buttered popcorn, baby bunny in the grass, bluebirds of happiness, super soft pants, super soft things, redox molecules, gaming glasses, really raw honey, hellions, calling them hellions.

Passed three sets of hellions on the path home, walking today. And a bluebird that I didn’t quite recognize about midway walk. And a titmouse or two. And woodducklings paddling in the distance with at least half a dozen adult male woodducks about. And babyish bunny, possibly first of the season.

Dear friends are in flight, with family, on their own, planning, smiling, wondering, hoping. And I am late to the early sleeping game I was aiming to play. And I am very well, and happy.

I have had it with all these constant nonsense ships

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I am going to be an unhappy if they really intend to pair Sansa and Theon. That makes NO sense. I wasn’t even considering it except the internet seems very excited and convinced ab…


My Dear, you were

, slated in prose/poetry 23/01 ::

I have seen you in various stages of undress;
Dearest will ever be when you told me.
—when it was true, and so were you.


Playlist 09/2018 - 01/2019

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Tyler LyleLost & Found
D’Mentes feat. Lai SiTodo Tu Amor
DJ KhalilElevate (Elephant!)
Lori McKenna – Mamas Cooking
Ben Rector – Brand New
dodie – Human, Arms Unfolding
Orla Gart…


Whatever it turns out you are

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What the heck News

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Thank you 2018



Better on the outside

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Side-by-side Comparison: Google Pixel 2 XL (2017) vs. Pixel 3 XL (2018)

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Love and Being

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All days are beautiful

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Will you choose to level up?

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Playlist 08/13/2018 - 08/28/2018

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You stood beneath a burning tree
and hoped to rescue leaves

22/06 by The Ballroom Thieves - Archers #link lyrics

“There’s…a difference between getting your hands dirty, and being dirty.”

09/06 by DS Ripley - Luther #link quotes

“‘Surely they will have cured baldness by the twenty-fourth century!’
Roddenberry replied, ‘By the twenty-fourth century, no one will care.’”

07/06 by Gene Roddenberry #link quotes

Delight in differences

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Nothing IS. Things happen

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Ani Difranco - Fuel

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Knowledge is finite. Wonder is infinite.

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We are defined by the places we hold in the web of others' lives

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I am epic

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No thing is one thing.

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Lies are like tigers

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Imagine possible

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Head down messes with the crown

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