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It’s you who has to change, not your circumstances—you carry your fate with you.

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standing still is like running on ice—I only gain a little distance when I fall… tired of telling myself it’s okay to be this tired. this sick and tired of the turns the world takes and the people that it makes us be.


it’s not so difficult.. the world is not so difficult.


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"I know what to look for in a wave..."

12 April 2018 Thursday

I wonder I really do

slated in mused at 8:31 pm

I have so many questions. However, other things are much more important than knowing

17 March 2018 Saturday

2018 SEAsia memories

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The smiling tuktuk driver; wonderful super mario kart course; beautiful elegant wonderful costumes and fabrics; happy foods, desserts; navigating rain on sidewalks; looking for fireworks across the city; finding favorite remembered foods; Ee-Ee my langsat hero+; A.SJ my cockroach hero (let’s not make that a thing); good gracious cockroach adventures (let’s really not make that a thing); sunsets and sunrises; beautiful beautiful juxtapositions, and many views thereof; chocolate tea with earl grey jelly, found again; ridiculous and happy airport trolley cart rider; dancing and packing; navigating rush hour bangkok; happy babies and their friendship; introducing Asea and Renu28 to people and watching them smile, dance, hope, register domain names; sharing sandals; best friends making somtam; my cousins; infinity pools; double malay wedding and perfect priorities; perfect Bangkok parking; night of the blue blood moon; high strung family and absolutely wonderful family; candlelit showers; night markets fish markets food markets fruit markets; 24-hour fruit+ market; sharing airplane seats; movie tradition; after-hours jacuzzi times; Oathbringer; dancing and packing; secret bookshelf room; elusive burger vendors; wrangling digital photos; laughing ancestors; mango lassi and coconut; heritage foods and lessons; perfect Penang driving; seeking wifi; the longest bridge in Asia (really, guys?); happy family on the motorbike; all the icecreams; wonderful house gardens; creative cny decor; my sister; multiple karoke; guppy fish spa; old friends and new ventures; the whiskey bar, perfect; classical life; hotel lounge life; and thanks for all the fish, and seafoods. See you again soon[er].

16 March 2018 Friday

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Playlist 04/2018 - 5/2018

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Whilk and Misky – Babe I’m Yours
Auli’i Cravalho – How Far I’ll Go (Moana soundtrack) (and variations thereof)
Jack SavorettiWonder
Gavin DeGraw – She Sets the City on Fire


Playlist 12/2017

, slated in playlists 03/12 ::

Josh Ritter – Winter Time (the Snow is Coming Down); Hotel Song “‘Say the highway is for lovers, but he ain’t no friend of mine, cuz every time I find my heart I lose it to that lo…


Misunderstandings -- ~week thereof

, slated in mused 02/12 ::

The theme for this week has been solidly “misunderstandings”. Doesn’t permeate everything, yet very paints/drapes pretty much all.

We all have our reasons—our memories and experi…



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7 September 2017

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Today on her first birthday

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San Diego August 2017

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Is so funny

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Light bulbs

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It has nothing to do with who I am

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Boo iOS, yay Concepts

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I can help

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I <3 Quora

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This is almost overload — I said almost overload
Friends and foes and princes are all just human in the end

18/05 by Snow Patrol - Empress #link lyrics

I’m ‘a shout
I’m ‘a scream it
It’s not anything that I could ever keep in

28/04 by TheWhatley - Alive #link lyrics

She is my reason
my reason and my truth …
I would like to live for ever ever
I would like to live beside of her

28/04 by Raven Parque - She #link lyrics

Scott Lynch: difficult and impossible very little in common

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popcorn on stove is

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official sidekick

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Bennington - Gracefully

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Bennington - Shhh

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men are like solar panels

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Torchwood + Spike love

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there's someone like you

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no it's really quite annoying

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happy wife happy life no need to use a knife

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