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“It’s no wonder people lack romance in their lives, love belongs to those who are willing to go to extremes for it.”

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"I know what to look for in a wave..."

15 June 2018 Friday

slated in consumed at 7:10 pm

I fell in love with Naruto all over again, and have also found it easy to continue my love affair with Boruto (the name’s not awful once you know they named him for Neji, whose name apparently is “screw”; I don’t have an excuse yet for Salad — nor for Sasuke x Sakura while we’re on that).

showerproof watch

I [finally] have a showerproof watch again and the world is a slightly better place.

31 May 2018 Thursday

Summitting mountains and molehills

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“I think you’re fishing for mountains in a sea of molehills.”


Another full eve, with trepidation, excitement, realizations, consternations, liberations. …
I thought things tonight that were not possible to consider just a month ago

2018 SEAsia memories

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The smiling tuktuk driver; wonderful super mario kart course; beautiful elegant wonderful costumes and fabrics; happy foods, desserts; navigating rain on sidewalks; looking for fir…


2017-12-27 Reflections, moods, moments

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Back within the Stormlight Archive and dancing with storms and words and wonders and humanity. And epic Doctor Who is simply lovely. And Mom’s key lime pie means many sweet thing…


Playlist 04/2018 - 5/2018

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Whilk and Misky – Babe I’m Yours
Auli’i Cravalho – How Far I’ll Go (Moana soundtrack) (and variations thereof)
Jack SavorettiWonder
Gavin DeGraw – She Sets the City on Fire


Playlist 12/2017

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Misunderstandings -- ~week thereof

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7 September 2017

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Today on her first birthday

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San Diego August 2017

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Is so funny

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Light bulbs

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It has nothing to do with who I am

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Boo iOS, yay Concepts

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This is almost overload — I said almost overload
Friends and foes and princes are all just human in the end

18/05 by Snow Patrol - Empress #link lyrics

I’m ‘a shout
I’m ‘a scream it
It’s not anything that I could ever keep in

28/04 by TheWhatley - Alive #link lyrics

She is my reason
my reason and my truth …
I would like to live for ever ever
I would like to live beside of her

28/04 by Raven Parque - She #link lyrics

Scott Lynch: difficult and impossible very little in common

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popcorn on stove is

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official sidekick

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Bennington - Gracefully

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Bennington - Shhh

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men are like solar panels

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Torchwood + Spike love

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there's someone like you

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no it's really quite annoying

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happy wife happy life no need to use a knife

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