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15 September 2018 Saturday

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Children are generally happy because they do what they do and be what they are or even pretend to be what they want to be without second guessing if it’s okay or they did it right or what will happen if they do or don’t. Anxiety and unhappiness live in the thinking over the past and in the thinking over the possible futures, and in the dissatisfaction/resistance to actual and possible. Joy is in the accepting/embracing/loving oneself and surroundings all as is/may be.

27 August 2018 Monday

Will you choose to level up?

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Be where you choose; end up where you chose.

23 August 2018 Thursday

Wistfully requesting aggregation

I confuse Instagram and WhatsApp Stories. When can we just aggregate Everything with transparent & simple-frontend privacy & filtering options, and direct our collection points so our data goes where we choose, so the world can be a better place? </wistful_question>

Playlist 06 - 08/08/2018

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Noëp – New Heights, Move, Jennifer Lawrence, Rooftop
Matthew Mole – Take Yours I’ll Take Mine
Ewert and the Two Dragons – Good Man Down, In the End There’s Only Love
5 Seconds of Summ…


Playlist ~01 - 06/2018

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Jamie Cullum – You’re Not the Only One
Andy Grammer – Good to Be Alive
Mika – Live Your Life
Rivvrs – Conquer
Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire
Bleachers – Rollercoaster
George Ezra – Parad…

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I fell in love with Naruto all over again, and have also found it easy to continue my love affair with Boruto (the name’s not awful once you know they named him for Neji, whose nam…


Summitting mountains and molehills

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Playlist 04 - 05/2018

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I wonder I really do

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2018 SEAsia memories

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2017-12-27 Reflections, moods, moments

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Playlist 12/2017

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Misunderstandings -- ~week thereof

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7 September 2017

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Today on her first birthday

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I am epic.

30/08 by J #link ridiculi

No thing is one thing.

23/08 #link quotes

Lies are like tigers: they are bad! … It’s more poetic in Mandarin.

10/08 by Chidi - The Good Place #link ridiculi

Imagine possible

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Head down messes with the crown

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Hello dragon we gonna fight

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Snow Patrol - Empress

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Steven Kotler: Doer and be-er

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TheWhatley - Alive

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Raven Parque - She

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Scott Lynch: difficult and impossible very little in common

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popcorn on stove is

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official sidekick

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