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”...no one commits a mistake knowing it to be one.”

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you don't know it's right until it's wrong--You don't know it's yours until it's gone --i didn't know that it was home 'til you up and left


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"I know what to look for in a wave..."

16 April 2017 Sunday

Happy Easter

The day is Easter-colored with cobalt blue sky; bright fresh green leaves; magenta azaleas and redbuds; white lily of the valleys, dogwood blossoms; tulips and bleeding hearts; chirping finches and flitting sparrows.

12 April 2017 Wednesday

email game

I play the email game and my email wins 95% of the time. I don’t think it’s a strategy/tactic/approach thing—I have those— I think it’s a life and heart thing and it’s not in my genes to revolve around email.

I’ll keep playing on occasion and see what life lessons I continue to learn out of the whole experience.

*update four hours later: Ouch. That was a painful blow. Email is winning harder now.

09 April 2017 Sunday

cuter than kittens

My parents are cuter than kittens.


, slated in moments 19/03 ::

Discovered the reason the daffodils in the front yard are all looking so subdued is because a little girl in a bright pink jacket has been swooping in (she was in and out before I…


Here we are today

, slated in site-building 17/03 ::

This site was very died for a good ~five years (felt like much longer). I’m not sure what to do with a lot of it. I don’t really believe in discarding/deleting past context, even…

[link to entry] slated in mainstream 14/03 ::

Reddit does not understand the internet. Closing older articles to any new comments, just as a matter of elapsed time, is so much nonsense I don’t know how to even.

I have things…


Who needs sleep? I really do

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Playlist 01-03/2017 and ~2015-2016

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A song of peace that echoes on and never goes away

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Ferrydust in 2017

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Welcome, almost, to 2017

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Mika concert

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Playlist 12/2012-01/2013

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2013; 2012

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Nexus 10 Review

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Android Jellybean 4.2

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Larry Bird: “You know the old saying: happy wife, happy life,”
Debbie Weaver: “That’s right!”
Larry Bird: “…no need to use a knife.”
Debbie Weaver: “That’s wrong.”

This show deserved 15 more seasons.

02/05 - The Neighbors #link ridiculi

Don’t you wonder

25/04 by Jack Savoretti - Wonder #link lyrics

keep painting those walls a brighter shade of red and gold

30/03 by Young Rising Sons - Red & Gold #link lyrics

Josh Ritter - Homecoming

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Roo Panes - Little Giant

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Jimmy Eat World - You Are Free

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without examining evidence

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Everything counts a little more than we think.

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You don't expect a sunset to admire you back

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that betraying me would make a difference

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The Chairs Scene

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every weapon I have down to my own eyeteeth

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Kidsongs - Teach the World to Sing

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