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“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.”

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You are my home.
In your love, my salvation lies,…


all the stars that fill the sky... they burn out before our eyes


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

02 July 2023 Sunday


I’m sometimes here. I still believe in context and posterity, so this is here.

06 April 2023 Thursday

Playlist 04/2023

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InikoKing’s Affirmation
InikoJericho [TikTok duet with Kosma]
Jukebox the GhostWasted ft. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Connor Price incl. Dip with Kazuo, Violet with Killa, False Alarm with Lucca DL, Spinnin with Bens, and Buddy with Hoodie Allen
Indigo Girls – Galileo
Whethan – Fall Out Girl
Arcade FireUnconditional I

04 March 2023 Saturday

Bunny year

at 5:36 pm

March 2023 already. There’s always more than words can say; failing to keep up with words is increasingly okay.

27 May 2022 Friday

at 12:20 pm

From wonderful to wonder at how some people choose to view their world; I’m so grateful for my view and what I choose and the gift of that distinction; the distinctive gift of a life my own

12 May 2022 Thursday

Playlist 04/2022 - 06/2022

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Escape PlanBrightest Star in the Night Sky
KodalineThe Riddle, Hide and Seek
OK Rock
LiontideWe Belong
Gerry Cinnamon – Sometimes
Armin van Buuren & David Hodges – Waking Up With You

19 February 2022 Saturday

Playlist 12/2021 - 02/2022

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Josh RitterFeels Like Lightning [A.V.C.]
Dave Bayley & Henry JackmanNew Friends
JosephWhite Flag
Bleachers – Like a River Runs

01 January 2022 Saturday

Happy New Year!

The month January was named for the Roman god of doorways and beginnings. Cheers to a brilliant 2022 for all! <3

27 October 2021 Wednesday

Pixel 6 Pro thoughts

slated in consumed at 1:16 am

Some offhanded Google Pixel 6 Pro thoughts, before I have it in hand:

Finally ! respectable storage amount available. Seems a bit small for today’s day and age, yet four times better than last year, which was definitely at least 3 years out of date.

I’ve been excited about the camera, however not excited to hear that a lot of its abilities are dependent on specific shooting modes: you have to have that specific mode running while taking the picture. Grr. Other phones have excellent macro lenses these days; no such thing from Pixel. Grr. Sounds like the impressive low-light abilities still depend on long hold-steady-for-the-open-shutter times. Grr.

It will be interesting to adjust back to a big phone, after the small Pixel 5; I was a big-phone person always before — I like having lots of screen real estate. I also like being able to put my phone in my pocket. ::Sad about losing the latter.

22 October 2021 Friday

Comparing Spigen cases

slated in consumed at 9:04 pm

I’m deciding on a case for the Pixel 6 Pro, very probably a Spigen. In my experience, Spigen cases are very reliably form-fitting, thin, while providing fair protection given their slim size. I don’t need heavy/rugged protection, I prefer thin and lightweight, although I appreciate a bit of protection so that my phone can survive the occasional fall without incident.

Spigen Rugged Armor for Pixel 6 Pro: full coverage, thin, multiple textures, physically flexible material, feels protective, feels good and gripped well in hand
Spigen Liquid Air for Pixel 6 Pro: full coverage, thinnest, textured, physically flexible material
Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Pixel 6 Pro: full coverage, good firmness, thin while providing protection
Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 5: full coverage, good firmness, thin while providing protection
Spigen Liquid Crystal for Pixel 3XL: full coverage, good firmness, good look though slightly thicker/plastic feel
Spigen Rugged Armor for Pixel 2XL: full coverage, good feel, thin while providing protection
Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 2XL: limited coverage: many open gaps around buttons, rubbish protection, prone to breakage

01 May 2021 Saturday

slated in prose/poetry at 10:26 pm

My dear snow globe mind
flurries swirl I sit patient
my self becomes clear

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