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Context over content.

About me

Me, 2017 I’m Alicson. I’m a Malaysian-Chinese-American Rooster, daughter of two, sister of one, Antioch College and University of Maryland alumna, currently living in the U.S.A., Eastern standard time.

One of these days I may be in the odd mood to do some particularly self-indulgent autobiographical rambling. Until then, I’ll let the old ‘About me’ post hold through.

Thanks for visiting my online home, my little lavender corner of the internets :) May your days be beautiful, heart be full, tummy be happy, pockets be many, and cells be well!

~ 30Apr2005

Comments on About me

  1. db Steen

    I was surfing the net to see if I could find a vid of Sting or someone doing “I must have loved you” when I came to your site. It’s funny how one sometimes finds that some stranger has written and sung ones’ own feelings. Thankyou for the words.

    commented Wed 18 Oct 2006, 5:11:09 AM :: link
  2. Your website is quite unlike any other I’ve come across. Very feminine I must say, which doesn’t suit me personally (I’m a guy!) but I appreciate it for women of course.

    I’ve been to Malaysia, enjoyed the country! Fantastic food for one thing. At some point, stories about Malaysia will appear on my website. Hope not to disappoint you, but I am working on writing about other countries right now :)

    commented Tue 14 Nov 2006, 5:06:03 AM :: link
  3. Bilal Hameed

    Someone woke me up this morning,

    someone I know, someone who is dust by now,

    & I said "yes I am up thanx" then I went quite

    it's not the first time felt that. 8 years are not enough or will it take a lifetime to let go. I asked myself as I headed down to the parking.

    I got in my car and drove for work,it's 620 am and they played "be here now" .....

    I was holding my coffee and staring at the world from 25th floor & then the song struck me again and I said "let's read the lyrics", I looked up and the page is purple !!!!

    The favorite color of the faded one and I just felt water in my eyes again like I have seen it before.

    I don't know if my life has become associated with songs, the colors, the smiles or the cries, what I do know is that I won't have it back.

    Nothing is harder than sitting staring at the deep blue & just feeling numb, and when the sun sets, just feeling alone ... in the dark

    Thank you for the lyrics, here is something from me that you may like ... from few years back ....

    crystalline drop of water
    snuggling its own salt
    fails to cling and
    slides through the quivering cheek

    all the pain it carries
    snug between molecules of life
    is slowly pulled by gravity and
    slinks through the warm cheek

    a stream of hope
    rinsing the strain
    meticulous little teardrop

    carrying away sadness
    a spring of relief where
    loneliness entwines with suffering

    With regards,


    commented Thu 12 Apr 2007, 7:10:57 AM :: link
  4. hey there! i came upon your site searching for lyrics for rachael yamagata’s elephants. i love your site. i hope you don’t mind that i’m linking you. :)

    commented Fri 19 Sep 2008, 9:04:44 AM :: link
  5. This is one of the most creatively stimulating site i have ever seen.

    You have the obscurity of the poet.

    Here’s a recommendation:


    commented Thu 20 Jan 2011, 11:48:51 AM :: link
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