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13 February 2009 Friday


at 5:50 pm

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It’s Friday the 13th, and that’s only one of the best possible days ever. It’s also the day before Valentine’s this year and that makes this whole weekend a bit strange. It’s been a busy week. My head is full with thoughts now but I also feel that I’ve not quite woken up yet.

I was dreaming vividly this morning; I remember the key pieces: the dreams were realistic, and the characters were people I love very much — even the ones who don’t exist in real life. I dropped the keys in the dirt. But retrieved one of them. ‘should’ve left them all. the whole thing renders mute.

My alarm did not play this morning. Somehow my internal clock shook me awake just enough for me to enter the mental confusion of wondering if I had work today, whether it was afternoon or morning, what day of the week it was, thank goodness it’s Saturday, wait I never had experienced the lunch that was planned with friends for Friday, so Friday can’t have happened yet, ugh it’s Friday and a work day and I’m supposed to be out the door by now but thank goodness it’s not 10am.

There’s a lot to do at home this weekend. I’m not in Hawaii, nor Chicago, California, London, Kyoto, nor… I’m here; some things are very simple.

It’s a sunny day. Windy and a bit cold. The sky is painted in beautiful shades of soft blues and lavender, and pretty clouds. And today will be a good day, when, and even if I don’t, wake up fully for it.

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