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15 August 2005 Monday

Who's on First (the 2005 version)

slated in stuff, mainstream at 6:24 am

this was in an email forward to me from Alberto ... i don’t know how long this email has been circulating and maybe everyone’s already seen it, but it was too cute to not post:

Who’s On First—2005 version

13 August 2005 Saturday

All cultures are not created equal

slated in mainstream, mused at 12:17 am

Alberto passed me this op-ed piece from the New York Times, by David Brooks: All Cultures Are Not Created Equal.

This really is a controversial subject. It’s along the same thread as “all men are not created equal”, isn’t it?
This is a long-standing subject of interest to me.

I do not believe all men are created equal. I do believe all men should be treated with reasonable consideration, respect, and open minds. ‘Reasonable’ is a very relative term, though, both upon the one doing the reasoning and the one being reasoned.

05 July 2005 Tuesday

Global Frequency

slated in mainstream at 8:12 pm

Global Frequency – Rejected Pilot Thrives On P2P

[via Evan.. thanks Evan] Okay, so apparently it’s a TV show that didn’t happen, based on a comic book. For all those shows that WB and other networks meanly/dumbly/sadly cuts short after just two or a few more episodes, this one may actually have a chance of being placed on air even after being turned out before it ever got a chance.
So far a lil corny (is Miranda intended to be a android?), but I think I already want to watch the next episode.

more than halfway through the pilot:
...okay i take it back—well, she still seems like an android… but she’s so totally kickass! so kickass!

okay yea.. the end was too corny. so the show does need some work, but the idea is just fine and if they give it due attention, it would be quite happy. i wouldn’t just whack it off the shelf, though.

thought about it some more. this is actually a really poorly done show, in very many ways acting, lighting, dialogue (blech!), subtlety (none)... i guess i just like the idea and Miranda was kinda kickass. if it’s taken over by good director/producer/writers , it could be fine. i’m glad i saw it anyway.

02 June 2005 Thursday

Malaysian Idol

slated in mainstream, malaysian at 6:53 am

Heh. I didn’t know there was a Malaysian Idol show. Surprised, I am not.

From Junhoe.com:

In an interview, one of the judges said “the 2nd season [of Malaysian Idol] will attract more contestants because they saw how Malaysian Idol changed some peoples lives”. Yea. For the worse. Carrie Underwood gets a recording contract which will garuntee CD sales of at least a million copies, a red hot convertable and a personal freakin JET to take her anywhere she damn well pleases! Lets see what the winner of Malaysian Idol got. Congratulations Jaclyn Victor! We’re giving you a one way ticket to go sing in Jakarta! Hooray! Of course you get a recording contract too, but whos gonna buy your CD with piracy here as rampant as marsupials with rabies? Oh, and heres a piece of gum. You can thank us for changing your life later.

Lets face it. Malaysians are not cut out to entertain. I say lets just leave the entertaining to the Americans and concentrate at what we do best: Palm oil exporting.

08 April 2005 Friday

Gaming Music

slated in mainstream, consumed at 10:51 pm

I’ve learned something a bit surprising.
I like computer/video game music.
I do!
Mark tuned me into this OverClocked ReMix site yesterday.

OverClocked ReMix is a website dedicated to reviving the video and computer game music of yesterday, and reinterpreting that of today, with new technology & capabilities. This site’s mission is to prove that this music is not disposable or merely just background, but is as intricate, innovative, and lasting as any other form.

and i really really like it. it’s much extra fun when you can recognize old familiar favorites.. but just the tunes and sounds floating around while i’m at the computer… it’s very good mood. *pleased*

on the side: Faraquet has also been added to my playlist…when my playlist cycles through it, i’m not sure whether it’s part of the gaming remixes collection, or not :)

21 March 2005 Monday

Ender's Game the movie

slated in mainstream at 9:44 pm

it seems the Ender’s Game movie possibility continues…

Troy? really? i did not consider that a bad movie, but.. hardly a model for Ender’s Game. in many ways, X-Men 2 would have been a far better model. actually, they should be talking to the people who so very meticulously fashion the Harry Potter movies that almost (or do) overcredit the original books themselves.

Says Card, “Mr. Benioff proved with Troy that he could adapt a long work to fit the brevity of film, while preserving what is most powerful and effective in the original.”

i don’t want “brevity”! break the first book up into two or three parts! and make each movie three hours long if necessary — probably necessary! please, please do justice to this story. and the other books would be worth doing too — if they do it well. and if they do a Shadow movie/series to parallel the original Ender’s Game movie/series… how awesome would that be? if they invest the attention and care (and money) into it, this really could become an epic like Star Wars. i really do believe that. but i am nearly convinced (though i’ll gladly be shown wrong) that they will not do the story its deserved credit.

Any film of Ender’s Game will be heavily dependent on special effects, says Card, “but it’s the characters that the audience must care about for the film to succeed.”

Are they going to up the ages of child characters? make them 9 instead of 6? Haley Joel Osment is too old to play Ender now… what other actors of such youth could properly do it?

well, i’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with (if the whole thing goes through), and i’m hoping hoping hoping to be pleasantly surprised. meanwhile, i’m definitely enjoying the latest book, Shadow of the Giant.

03 March 2005 Thursday

slated in mainstream at 2:17 am

The TextDrive VCII offer is sold out. Absolutely incredible.

09 February 2005 Wednesday

Cute little bunny!! ... and other sites

slated in mainstream at 10:10 pm

Save Toby!
I want a bunny.

Real Pokemons!
Rapidash is surpisingly common.

Xia-Xue’s blog
What the HECK is this??

Singing Chubbers
(—to use Waws’ description..) This guy is such cheeriness. :) I miss bounce song. The song is called ‘Dragostea Din Tei’.

Mario on piano
Watching/listening to this just makes me happy. really really.

Just a simple, nice idea and gallery of photos from which the main subject has been replaced with a sketched-representation..

Invisible Pornography
This is reasonably safe to view in the presence of small children. It’s somewhat in keeping with the theme of the “Invisibilia” link above. :)

03 February 2005 Thursday

Who likes lists!? Ta-da Lists!

slated in mainstream at 2:17 am

Calling all Virgos, and other individuals with a propensity to make lists…. the makers of Basecamp have come up with Ta-da Lists

Bring your compulsion online. Make your lists public or private. Make one or dozens. This is list-making with quickness, cleanness, and efficiency. Simple and sweet. I went ahead and made three accounts within the five minutes of finding it… one for myself, one joint account, and one account for my family. Has RSS feeds too. Happy! :)

25 November 2004 Thursday

World view of America, written in Sidewalk chalk

slated in mainstream at 6:30 pm

zem’s photos from the November 20th rally in Sydney, in support of the people of Fallujah. by my understanding, the turnout was poor, but the message on that sidewalk chalk is by no means an uncommon sentiment around the world today.

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