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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

16 August 2006 Wednesday


slated in moments at 11:32 pm

Today does feel like a Thursday..

Pretty good day so far.. Morning was a little weird and hectic with the waking up early and getting things done but then insisting on napping a bit more and then waking a dozen times before I had to, thinking I had WAY overslept each time, so being quite disoriented by the end of it.. But woke up in time, had an unhealthy breakfast (couldn’t be helped… there was no aluminum foil), made it to my appointment, and afterward ran a bunch of necessary and overdue errands, and also did a quick robust grocery shopping trip (wherein I restocked the aluminum foil, and also picked up a healthy supply of Edy’s ice cream).

Toyota Camry On a side note (well, they’re all kind of side notes), I saw my first Hybrid Camry today.. noticed it by the new rear lights on a hybrid-style faintest green color.. Kinda pretty.

Okeydokey, back to work for me.

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