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01 April 2008 Tuesday

the whole point of a raincoat

why does J.Crew hate hoods?

slated in consumed at 9:05 pm
Dear J.Crew, you know (to the sadness of my wallet) that I love you.. but what the HECK is the point of a raincoat withOUT a hood!?
J.Crew Hoodless Raincoat
Is a raincoat that doesn’t keep the rain out supposed to be avant garde?

That doesn’t even make sense! Yes your coat is cute. But even a removable hood would have been a good call. No hood? On a “raincoat”? I know I’m a fan of hoods in general, but there’s a place where a hood definitely belongs, and that’s over my head when things are falling down on top of it! Like rain! If I didn’t like you so much, this would be cause for us to part ways for good. ::frustrated at the impracticality and stupidity of a completely-hoodless raincoat, without offering alternatives::

Comments on the whole point of a raincoat

  1. Um. I kinda love this post. I’d like to say that it’s manly laughter, but the truth is that it makes me giggle.

    commented Thu 03 Apr 2008, 1:12:31 AM :: link
  2. cuzzie lina

    cuzzie, i still havent wear that lovely top you gave me…i just cant…it look so lovely…let me just frame it up…;p..and this thingy about the hood..its ROTFLOL!…

    commented Sat 05 Apr 2008, 5:10:47 PM :: link
  3. Well…

    commented Tue 08 Apr 2008, 10:18:23 PM :: link
  4. Me

    I know this post is old but AMEN!! never understood the hoodless raincoat thing… So much so that I googled it seeking some sort of rationale and found this post! XD

    commented Thu 21 Jul 2011, 2:56:50 AM :: link
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