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09 June 2008 Monday


slated in moments at 6:12 pm

I’m still sick. A ton better than last week though. I’ve figured out that my go-to remedy, rest and sleep, have been making things worse due to the horizontal position of my head/throat. Last night I slept in an armchair. Really hard to sleep sitting up, especially since I naturally go horizontal (and found my head on an armrest by the time I woke up), but it definitely helped to have been sitting up as much of the night as I could manage. Also, now gargling with (apple)vinegar.

News/emails re: Antioch College are much and good,..although with much hesitation and skepticism, but still hope and happiness.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought McCain’s speech the other night was awful. He was downright creepy. And I really don’t care who thinks I’m a jerk for saying so. Fact: I watched him speaking on TV the other day and he really creeped me out. I’m not taking it back.

Didn’t get to hear it, but I hear Clinton spoke really well on Saturday. I’m glad. Will be nice to remember her kindly and hope for good things from her still to come.

And hopefully the right person is just a matter of time from commanding in the White House and making the world a better place.

I discovered last week that my computer seemed to be on the verge of overheating, and I didn’t know where to begin troubleshooting (is the fan not running because it’s broken or because the sensors aren’t telling it to run? is the heatsink not functioning? :-/
I guess yay that I noticed it before real damage was caused (kind of a fluke that I decided to open up my computer and touched the harddrives and they were really hot, so checked temperature readings on computer and those were higher than should be…).

Processor doesn’t seem to be in danger, heatsink is cool (doing its job? or not on?) The case fan is not running so I HOPE HOPE HOPE I have a broken case fan. Cuz that’s totally within my abilities to replace (and one of the least expensive parts in a computer). But it could be a bad sensor or something… but I HOPE HOPE HOPE it’s a broken case fan. I’ll find out when the replacements come in (bought a second one for front which was blank.. I’ve never installed fans, but may as well now…).

Gmail Labs are a goodness. Quick Links should have been standard feature ages ago. I also like the stars (but would be better to be able to search for type).

A coworker in the neighboring department passed away last night; announcement email was sent out a little while ago. I didn’t know him well at all, but others here of course did.. The response was really .. painful. Really sad.
She worked with him. She just found out. He’d been out sick for a few weeks. “I told him to see a doctor!” “I knew when I talked with him.. I ..” She collapsed in the hall. “I told him to see a doctor..”
Apparently he was a father.
The environment here is partly really hurt and somber right now, and also moving/carrying on as normal and cheerful..
I’m trying to be okay.

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