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19 October 2004 Tuesday

Enter Bettas

slated in moments at 7:36 pm

the Betta Splendens (Siamese Fighting Fish): Twain came home with Lor and I on Saturday. yesterday (Monday) we brought home Rhine and Abra. They were all named yesterday evening.

All veiltails.. each from a different store. Twain is a fairly solid red, from Congressional Aquraium on Rockville Pike.. he’s the clearest of the three. Rhine is a messy/mottled turqoise-fined with red/magenta edges and a marbled body.. Abra is a little larger and fuller with a dark body and red fins that abruptly change to a dark cornflower blue.

i really would like to dive into raising them and breeding them and collecting them.. but i have not the space and resoures for it right now. meanwhile, i think i’ve found a way to keep Rhine and Abra warm, but Twain is downstairs in a larger bowl and i don’t know how i may keep him warm.

I once had an other betta, whom i believe i’d named Orchid (though i think that may have been only part of his name..)... he was the richest darkest deepest most vibrant blues that i have seen..very dark royal blues. i wish i had a photo. he did well for very long.. partly by himself, and at length in a community tank with guppies and other randomness where he hovered by the heater. i have never seen another live betta as obviously beautiful and rich as he was.

the sudden introduction of Twain, Rhine, and Abra is the result of Lorense suddenly thoroughly cleaning out his fish tank that has been in his room for so many months (once upon a time, it was in mine..and before that, it belonged to Yan).. and wanting to add more fish. surviving all these months were two female fancytail guppies, two sharp-looking fish that i thoroughly despise but that lorense particularly loves—i’ve been dismayed they’ve outlived everything and i’m convinced they’re responsible for some unpeace in the tank, a rather aggressive zebra danio—i think he’s male, a chinese algae eater, and… i think that’s it. so, now has been added a pleco (algae eater), a little frog, a female(?) zebra danio, and two male fancytail guppies.

lorense tends the tank and i fret about the bettas. how am i to keep Twain warm??

oh. one of the guppies had a ripped tail when i saw it yesterday, and i don’t recall that being the case when he arrived. lorense and i are blaming the male danio, and he is being isolated in a floating container in the tank in the meanwhile. he really is the hyperest/chasingest fish in there. regarding warming Twain, i may just see how he does in the community tank, or at least in a floating compartment. at least the heater in that tank is still doing well.

that’s my ramble on the fish for now. i’d get into it with more useful/learned information, but now is not the time. when will it all be?

i’m almost finished reading Children of the Mind—rather pleased that it’s been drawn out this long, as i know i will regret it being the last in the series when i am done. i’ll have to wait another five years to forget it enough to read it again!

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