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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

17 November 2004 Wednesday

Playlist 11/16/2004

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Makes-Ali-happy-music :) :)

Sister HazelBeautiful Thing

Well I’ll follow you wherever when you lead me by my nose on another big adventure, I suppose.. Then you lay me down in clover with their petals on my back — I should make more time to do more things like that.
Won’t you sing me your poetry? Won’t you take me to your home.. won’t you be for me forever, so I’ll never be alone? Just one thing… If you’re my queen.. it’s a beautiful thing.
Well I’m buried in my bedroom under 14 feet of clothes.. I could drown in all this clutter, I suppose… But then you’re standing in my doorway with a suitcase on your back and it blows my mind when you do things like that.

‘Reminding me: well I might be poor but summer’s free for me. I didn’t know I was sleeping..

Sister Hazel – Everybody

You are so sexy my love, you’ve got me tripping over my tongue and I can’t say what I mean, but I mean it when I say that I fell so hard for you that it broke my heart in two.. now I’m wrapped in black and blue.. you know I’m crazy…
Should I take a chance, or should I sit and wonder you…
I wanna tell everybody, everybody, that you’re so much more than they’ve ever even seen before and I wanna tell everybody, everybody if they touched your hand then they’d never wanna let you go…
Like a junkie to a rush I’d trade my momma for your touch — oh wait, that might just be too much — well, I’d do anything but that.. You are so tempting my dear, you strip away my useless fears.. No you don’t care that I’m weird, and that’s amazing..
I wanna tell everybody, everybody…

Spinning around like nobody’s watching; nobody else but me… so far beyond my imagination — if they could only see..

Sister Hazel – Erin (instrumental; no lyrics)
Jimmy Eat World – Drugs Or Me

Stay with me.. you’re the one I need.. you make the hardes things seem easy. Keep my heart somewhere drugs don’t go. Where the sun shines low; always keep me close.
If only you could see the stranger next to me… You promise, you promise that you’re done, but I can’t tell you from the drugs…
Just let go; you dig a great big hole down an endless hole we’ll both go.
You’re so blind, you can’t see me this time.. hope comes from inside… and I feel so low tonight.

I wish that you could see this face in front of me… You’re sorry, you swear it, you’re done… but I can’t tell you from the drugs.
Take me .. I need your help.. so far away.. to pull me up; take the pain.. take me.. out from me.. so far. out from me. …

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