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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

Computer: ‘Bugger’ is a noun, ‘git’ is a sub-standard verb, and ‘gitling’ is not in any of my word bases.
Mazer: I made ‘gitling’ up but it’s an excellent word, so use it. And I can’t believe they programmed you without ‘bugger off’ in the word base.


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How does someone get to be like you — the king of all excuses?


I am here you are here we are here they are here everyone is everywhere no one is nowhere we’re all somewhere there is no out there you are here


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

13 July 2007 Friday


slated in mainstream at 4:47 am

When I first saw the preview for it in a movie theater, without having ever heard anything of it, the simple portrayal of the movie made me think “Tower of Babel”, and the end of the preview revealed that the movie was in fact called Babel. Have not heard/read reviews of it, beyond a general impression that it is a good movie.

Finally saw it this week.

12 July 2007 Thursday

This pig year

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All things that occur this year can be looked on as closing or final conclusions in some way. An auspicious year to complete projects, bring projects to fruition or arrive safely after completing a long life journey.

11 July 2007 Wednesday

Harry Potter movie

slated in mainstream at 9:19 pm

Saw Order of the Phoenix last night..
Watching something like that is actually quite a trip… I’d forgotten that there might be anything more to it than really long lines.
There’s really really long lines really early before the movie, and there’s the extra-dorkiness status you garner by association with others in the line dressed as a Firebolt (yes, the broom), as Death Eaters, as Harry Potter, tons of random t-shirts saying things like “Severus is my slave/Severus is my master”, and countless girls with lightning bolts drawn on their foreheads with eye-liner. I may never be cool again. ;)

"Chairman of the Soared"

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writing tomorrow.

meanwhile, how cool is this:

Last weekend, Kent Couch settled down in his lawn chair with some snacks — and a parachute. Attached to his lawn chair were 105 large helium balloons.


04 July 2007 Wednesday

SaveAntioch catchphrases

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~“If Antioch dies, it will be because it is not ashamed.”

~“Isn’t the BOT supposed to ask for consent before they shut Antioch down?”

“Save Antioch, save the world.”

28 May 2007 Monday

5-year old DDR guru

slated in mainstream at 7:16 pm

I played Dance Dance Revolution for the first time ever yesterday…
it’s awesome (and more exercise than I’m used to).

so is watching this little Japanese kid totally put me (and everyone, for that matter) to shame…

[link to video]

18 April 2007 Wednesday

It's not okay.

slated in mainstream, molehills at 5:03 pm

I don’t know where to begin.

Washington Post: Student Wrote About Death and Spoke in Whispers, But No One Imagined What Cho Seung Hui Would Do

Flags are at half-mast today.

09 November 2006 Thursday

Portable Media Players

MP3 and MPG/AVI and whatnot

slated in mainstream at 7:24 pm

So there’s a small frenzy as people are getting excited or disdainful over the arrival of Microsoft’s Zune player.

I spent a few minutes skimming Internet and this is what I’ve figured (for my own future reference..):

There are 5 choices out there:

24 September 2006 Sunday

The Coup in Thailand

A week later and things look well

slated in mainstream at 6:37 pm

Continued from earlier entry: Army strike in Bangkok

Pictures: Things in Bangkok seem to be quite well.

More news: From 2Bangkok.com

19 September 2006 Tuesday

Army strike in Bangkok

Turmoil in Thailand

slated in mainstream at 6:56 pm

Curfew has been announced.. state of emergency declared 30 minutes ago..
Soldiers seized the government house..
Prime Minister Thaksin (not so popular these past many months..but likely to be re-elected because money to the rural folk and they’re the ones who vote) is out of the country..

CTV.ca news report

Sept.20, 4:16pm update~ The King is supporting the general/coup.

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