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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

31 October 2007 Wednesday


/ debris / delineation

slated in mused at 7:21 pm

my thought train went:

declutter —>
destress —>
decide —>
declutter.. destress.. defame.. delicious.. declutter.. destress.. decide..
de cide
Google: cide
—> Wikipedia response: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/-cide


The English suffix -cide denotes an act related to killing. From Latin caedere “to cut, kill, hack (at), strike”. In its wider meaning, it may also signify the destruction or dismantling of an object or concept. When attached to a word indicating an animal or plant considered to be pestilent, the combined word is frequently used to indicate a substance used to eliminate the pest in question. E.g. Pesticide, insecticide and herbicide.

scrolled down in the wikipedia entry

Deicide: Either the killing of a god or divine entity, or destruction or dismantlement of either the general concept of such beings, or a concept regarding a specific being, e.g. through critical thought.

Merriam-Webster says:


Etymology: Middle English, from Latin decidere, literally, to cut off, from de- + caedere to cut
transitive verb: 1 a: to make a final choice or judgment about; b: to select as a course of action ?used with an infinitive; c: to infer on the basis of evidence: conclude; 2: to bring to a definitive end; 3: to induce to come to a choice
intransitive verb: to make a choice or judgment

—> deliberating

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