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21 June 2012 Thursday


slated in journal at 5:01 pm

Baby bird bird yesterday, displaced by tree removed so new homeowner can have more light; now bird birds with a mommy though all remain exposed on ground, near the sawdust of previous home.

Lots of dreamings again. I suspect I’m having and remembering these multi-adventure-filled dreams because/when I’m sleeping more than 4 hours a night.

Hair cut yesterday. Hair stylists generally enthuse over my natural wavy hair and then proceed to make it as straight as possible. It’s interesting for a day or two, and then thankfully goes back to itself.

Trying out Rizzoma. I wonder if it can replace some of the happiness that Wave stole with it.
I love Quora. I’ve said it before. It remains a very happy place where I spend very little time only because there’s simply too much to enjoy/delve into there. But I remain bewildered as to how anyone can ever be bored when they have access to people/internet/books/vision/imagination.

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