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06 February 2011 Sunday


slated in journal at 12:21 pm

It’s late. About the right time for a ramble, and it’s a been a while here since..
I think I have a throat infection. Or something of that nature. I figure I should see a doctor next week. I expect their first guess will be that it’s strep throat. I will be very amused on the day that tests come back positive for me for the first time ever for strep throat. Pretty sure what I had last week was a sinus infection. That was horrible. I wonder how that relates to whatever remains in my throat.
Song lyrics from song “Voice In My Throat”.. great lyrics, great song, great music.. I’m looking forward to finally seeing Pearl and the Beard in concert, if they ever let me buy tickets. I missed the last few concerts for various reasons, and am just glad that I have another chance.
I need something in between Logos and Topher. I adore them both, but Logos is aging, and Topher is really meant for small things (which, Topher, you are very, very good at ::pats your pretty head::).. And I want the power of the latest desktop computer but I’m not sure I want to stay at my desk when using it.. so probably a powerful laptop. Again. But the perpetual problem is getting the right combination of portability (weight, battery life), power, and features (oh, and price….).. I’m looking for a second generation core i7 (or better) perhaps in a multi-touch convertible-tablet, light and thin as possible (I am less interested in the size of the screen and more in its resolution and the machine’s overall weight); and likely a dedicated graphics card, a solid state drive (I don’t need an optical drive — that can be part of the dock or otherwise easily appended with a standalone), and 4-8 gigs of ram (preferably the latter). Closest seems to be Lenovo X201 at current, but I would look to at least the pipelined x220. (Though it’s not in their listed new/coming line-up. Additional note: solid state drives are super $$.
While I’m at it, I note that I am very happy to be in world of the smartphone and my life really is just a little better with it, if only for reasons like I can check the weather from my bed or anytime, and track my sleep patterns, and play Pandora through my car speakers and choose from a several dozen NPR channels, and play word games with my cousin on the other side of the planet, and easily keep trip itineraries and get notices upon flight changes, and receive bunny and flower emoticons and send silly ghosts on CNY. Dia has also been a major time-eater. Have pretty much found all my fav apps and configured everything according to me by now and played found the best games and played them out so I don’t need to get caught in them anymore. All good, cause I have no time to be landing planes (love) and building mazes to kill the robots and proving how much of a technical engineer I am not and poking the phone screen like a hyper game of bop the groundhog (love). So I have them. I’m missing them, as with many things at the moment, but I know where they are when eventually I can seek them.

/ramble. Back to regularly scheduled productivity.

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