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22 October 2021 Friday

Comparing Spigen cases

slated in consumed at 9:04 pm

I’m deciding on a case for the Pixel 6 Pro, very probably a Spigen. In my experience, Spigen cases are very reliably form-fitting, thin, while providing fair protection given their slim size. I don’t need heavy/rugged protection, I prefer thin and lightweight, although I appreciate a bit of protection so that my phone can survive the occasional fall without incident. That plus a tempered glass screen protector have been a winning combo for me for many years. In some earlier years I used the glass protector and a decal/wrap/all-over sticker, and that was fine except that the sticker is a real problem if you need to open the phone for any reason or send it back for a replacement. A thin case has proven to be tons more practical.

Cases I have at hand to review/compare:
Spigen Rugged Armor for Pixel 6 Pro
Spigen Liquid Air Armor for Pixel 6 Pro [clear | black]
Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Pixel 6 Pro
Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 5
Spigen Liquid Crystal for Pixel 3XL
Spigen Rugged Armor for Pixel 2XL

Spigen Thin Fit and Spigen Rugged Armor seem to have nearly the same thinness, flexibility; the Rugged Armor being every so slightly almost imperceptibly stiffer. I don’t care about the carbon fiber detailing. It’s fine, it looks good, I’m just generally not big on non-functional “accent” detailing. Both have slight air cutouts around the buttons. Liquid Air power button has nice texture.

I liked the idea of the Liquid Air texture, however in person it’s too subtle to really matter, it doesn’t feel notably special, just textured enough that I’m concerned my things won’t stick committedly to it; I’d rather have a smooth canvas for applying a sticker strap/wallet.

I rely on dependability of the finger strap to hold my phone over ledges, canyons, anything; they have to be secure. On the subject of straps, I looked at several new options, and decided I still don’t want anything hard (that could snag, scratch anything) nor anything that would add additional bulk —beyond actual contents if I use as a wallet.

I’m a bit concerned that the Rugged Armor texture also won’t be ideal for sticking things (e.g. finger strap/wallet). It feels fine to the touch, however I absolutely need a handle on any phone/device meant for frequent use. Interior of both cases seem the same.

Spigen logo on the Rugged Armor is fine, respectable there with the same uniform black color so not obtrusive; just the same as the Thin Fit. The Liquid Air does not have the logo pronounced on the back, which is a good call with that texture.

The firmness of the Thin Fit was quite ideal, in fact I was looking for a bit more protection than that for the Pixel 6 Pro, since that’s a significantly bigger and heavier phone. No I don’t want to add more bulk, however I do want more protection for the bigger phone/screen area. Neither the Rugged Armor nor the Liquid Air feel more or ever as protective as the Thin Fit on my Pixel 5. We’ll see how the Spigen Ultra Hybrid will do.

The Spigen Thin Fit on my Pixel 2XL was rubbish: nice firm smooth body, however no protection at all on the sides, huge gaps around buttons and speaker grills. Inevitably, when dropped, the corners and glass cracked. To be clear, the Thin Fit for the Pixel 5 was excellent! full coverage, thin while feeling very protected, not flimsy whatsoever.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear case vs Spigen Ultra Hybrid Black case: both have a clear back panel. I decided I prefer the feel of the Ultra Hybrid Black, which looks and feels matte, over the TPU plastic feel of the Ultra Hybrid Clear. They both look very good; the Clear is certainly ideal for showing off the phone itself. I’m happy with black phones, so I don’t have a particular need/use for clear. The clear has an additional small double hole cutout on its side, that the black does not have. So, I’m liking the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Black Case for the Pixel 6 Pro, and feeling good about that.

I wonder how the Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 6 Pro can possibly be different from the Ultra Hybrid Black — besides the clear back panel, because the latter looks and feels very similar to the Thin Fit on the Pixel 5 (Thin Fit possibly has a bit more rubbery feel; difference is slight and could be imagination/temperature).

I’m still curious about the Caseology Vault and the Spigen Rugged Armor, though if I never met them, I’d be okay with current choice. If either of them feel as protective while somehow being thinner than the Ultra Hybrid, that could win it. (The Liquid Air was thinner, and didn’t feel quite protective enough.)

*Update: Spigen Rugged Armor for the win. Really nice multiple textures all over, feels somehow slightly more protective while not feeling bigger. Fits beautifully. I didn’t try the Caseology Vault because I realized the design of it would use up more of the real estate on the back, that I’m going to use up by sticking things on it, particularly a wallet strap (I’ve been without wallet on my phone with the last two… Pixel 6 Pro is so big that it’s not going to really fit in pockets anyway so may as well also include thin wallet on it).

Spigen Rugged Armor for Pixel 6 Pro full coverage, thin, multiple textures, physically flexible material, feels protective, feels good and gripped well in hand
Spigen Liquid Air Armor for Pixel 6 Pro full coverage, thinnest, textured, physically flexible material
Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Pixel 6 Pro full coverage, good firmness, thin while providing protection
Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 5 full coverage, good firmness, thin while providing protection
Spigen Liquid Crystal for Pixel 3XL full coverage, good firmness, good look though slightly thicker/plastic feel
Spigen Rugged Armor for Pixel 2XL full coverage, good feel, thin while providing protection
Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 2XL not recommended; limited coverage: many open gaps around buttons, rubbish protection, prone to breakage

Tl;dr/conclusion: Spigen Rugged Armor for the win.

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