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27 October 2021 Wednesday

Pixel 6 Pro thoughts

slated in consumed at 1:16 am

Some offhanded Google Pixel 6 Pro thoughts, before I have it in hand:

Finally ! respectable storage amount available. Seems a bit small for today’s day and age, yet four times better than last year, which was definitely at least 3 years out of date.

I’m excited about the Tensor chip and general phone UX.

I’ve been excited about the camera, however not excited to hear that a lot of its abilities are dependent on specific shooting modes: you have to have that specific mode running while taking the picture. Grr. Other phones have excellent macro lenses these days; no such thing from Pixel. Grr. Sounds like the impressive low-light abilities still depend on long hold-steady-for-the-open-shutter times. Grr.

It will be interesting to adjust back to a big phone, after the small Pixel 5; I was a big-phone person always before — I like having lots of screen real estate, and when you’re away from bigger screens then having a big screen in the phone is ideal. I also like being able to put my phone in my pocket. ::Really sad about losing the latter.

Why is the screen resolution lower than previous? I’m not really bothered by this because the difference is small, I likely won’t notice it; however it’s not a preferred trend. I like my resolution high.

Google Pixel Pass is an interesting trick. I’d like it better if it allowed more customization of options/tiers.

Pixel 6 Pro feels like all glass. Super impractical, especially with the curved screen. Strange for them to tout the sleek look and feel of the phone, its materials and colors, when it will Have to be protected with a case. This phone is not built to be handled naked with regularity. It is big and relatively heavy and the all-glass is definitely slippery: will not fit in pocket and will absolutely try to slide out of whatever pocket you attempt to fit it into. And the materials and the curve of the glass quite assuredly will crush if meeting any hard or sharp objects with any amount of speed. (see again about size and weight). Corners and sides Need cushioning material.

Fingerprint reader is working very well. Yay. That’s super important for me.

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