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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

09 July 2008 Wednesday

Playlist 07/06 - 07/10/2008

slated in playlists at 5:40 pm

My Favorite HighwayYou’re Making it Come Alive
Charlotte Martin – Steel
Steve MoaklerStay Sound
Ari Hest – When And If
My Favorite HighwayHow to Call a Bluff

27 June 2008 Friday

Playlist 6/27/2008

slated in playlists at 9:19 am

Charlotte MartinOn Your Shore
Alegria – Larrama [link]

01 June 2008 Sunday

Playlist 05/24 - 05/31/2008

slated in playlists at 12:47 am

Sara Bareilles – Love Song
Jimmy Eat World – Let It Happen, Here It Goes, Always Be, Give It Up, Chase This Light, Dizzy

16 May 2008 Friday

Playlist 05/12 - 05/14/2008

slated in playlists at 5:44 pm

The Hours – Ali in the Jungle

12 May 2008 Monday

Playlist 05/06 - 05/12/2008

slated in playlists at 8:40 pm

Jimmy Eat World [external link]

25 April 2008 Friday

Playlist 04/22 - 04/24/2008

slated in playlists at 5:15 am

Charlotte Martin
The Killers (acoustic)
The Weepies

21 April 2008 Monday

Playlist 04/13, 04/17-04/21/08

slated in playlists at 7:14 am

Snow PatrolHands Open
The Slip – Children of December
Ingrid MichaelsonThe Way I Am, Starting Now, Overboard, The Hat
HoneyHoneyGive Yourself to Me
Charlotte MartinCut the Cord, Under the Gravel Skies, Many Rivers
Sara BareillesBetween the Lines

10 April 2008 Thursday

Playlist 04/08 - 04/09/2008

slated in playlists at 6:23 am

Ben Lee – Float On (acoustic – Modest Mouse cover)
The Killers – All These Things that I’ve Done (acoustic)
Matt Nathanson – Pretty the World
Uverworld – D-technoLife
Bloc Party – She’s Hearing Voices
HoneyHoneyLittle Toy Gun
Schuyler Fisk – Songs That Say Goodbye
The National – Fake Empire
Matchbox Twenty – All Your Reasons
Lifehouse – Simon
Bif Naked – Lucky

31 March 2008 Monday

Playlist 03/24 - 03/30/2008

slated in playlists at 6:30 am

The Last Five Years Soundtrack [link]
Ben’s Brother – Let Me Out
Imogen Heap – Headlock [lyrics]
Sara Bareilles – Love Song
Damien Rice – 9 Crimes
Death Cab for CutieYour Heart is an Empty Room
Soul Coughing – The Idiots Kings
Feist – Mushaboom (Postal Service Mix)
A Fine Frenzy – Come On, Come Out [lyrics]
Duffy – Mercy (embedded video link broke)
Tina Dico – Count to Ten [lyrics]
Dar Williams – The Beauty of the Rain

17 March 2008 Monday

Playlist 03/15 - 03/17/2008

slated in playlists at 6:16 pm

Coldplay – Ladder to the Sun
Charlotte Martin
Alexandre Desplat and Aaron Zigman – Dancing

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