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16 September 2006 Saturday

Microsoft's idea of creative advertising

slated in stuff at 12:19 am
Zune commercials
Microsoft’s Zune commercials

Zune Commercials? [via]

Uhh… seriously.. what?

If Amit hadn’t just told me yesterday what the heck Zune is, these “commercials” wouldn’t give me a friggin’ clue.

And even/especially knowing what the heck Zune is, the commercials give me no friggin’ clue. In fact, they’re perturbing. I am perturbed.

They should be more careful. Would be silly and sad if perturbness drove people to buy more iPods. Which, actually.. ..isn’t perturbness at Microsoft a key factor in why people go/stay Apple?

And I can’t decide whether I really really like that little guy who hugs everything, or really really don’t. I think the freakazoid birds are upsetting my naturally warm fuzzy feelings toward natural huggers.

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