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10 November 2004 Wednesday

It's been a good day

slated in moments at 5:02 am

Just a word about my day..

It’s been a good day.
There was traffic this morning.
But none this afternoon.
It was chilly all through the day, but the sun shone clearly and the sky was beautiful.
I missed my computer much of the day (yes yes, I’m a dork… how else to work on related projects, though?), but my notebook was with me so ideas still flowed and were written and I was happy (yes yes, I’m a dork—but a happy one!)
When I was called down to dinner, I got up quickly after sitting still , intently focused so long, and I subsequently pulled something in my leg as I ran down the hall.
But I made it to the table and dinner smelled delicious.
I realized that my fingers were numb at one point, while sitting at the dinner table (because my house is that cold!), but the garlic shrimp my dad cooked was thoroughly yummy.
My mother seems happy and my brother’s hair is starting to grow back to decency.
I spent time with good strangers, came home to my family, spoke with some of the best people I know and love, sang loudly to excellent music in my car, ate satisfying food, learned something new or two, and will sleep cozily in my bed with five blankets.

And my fish are well.

It’s been a good day.

*edit: I also just upgraded to Firefox 1.0 final and Thunderbird 0.9. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that :)

Comments on It's been a good day

  1. You’ve got to accentuate the positive
    Eliminate the negative
    And latch on to the affirmative
    Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

    You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum
    Bring gloom down to the minimum
    Have faith or pandemonium’s
    Liable to walk upon the scene

    ...the rest of it…
    commented Wed 10 Nov 2004, 7:24:30 AM :: link
  2. :) thanks Mark. that’s a nice one..i’m going to look that up.

    meanwhile, i had another good day… a bit different from yesterday, with its unique bits of gray and smile-enducing splashes of color and niceness..

    the thing your song gets wrong is that the inbetweens actually define the bouts of beauty and the overall wealth of the day and the span is soaked just as much in the dirt as well as the magic.

    as long as you don’t sit on the bad but move on with the good, then it’s ultimately well and…good. :)
    commented Thu 11 Nov 2004, 7:24:52 AM :: link
  3. Oh I know. You’d have to complain to Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer about the lyrics though :). Just put me in the mind of it.

    I rather enjoy the spot of balance between (though usually prefer to be on the tipping towards good than tipping towards bad if I get my druthers). Think of it as that 1/2 point that makes it impossible to be perfectly in the middle. (Oy, another Go reference… they just creep out all over the place.)
    commented Thu 11 Nov 2004, 8:11:49 PM :: link
  4. I’ve never played Go! i’ve been told i should, though. where/how do i get started?
    commented Thu 11 Nov 2004, 10:42:53 PM :: link
  5. Everyone should! (but I’m biased) There are several resources available off of my site, but my favorite ones are the American Go Association, Sensei’s Library, and Kiseido Go Server. I believe the AGA and KGS have pretty good primers on the game. Sensei’s is a wiki with a huge amount of information. There are lots of good articles there, though I don’t know that I would call them a primer. Basically hit the “Starting Points” link and investigate the beginning information.

    Be careful, it’s addictive :). Oh, and if possible, try to find a club in your area. KGS is a great place to play online, but there is something very nice and special about sitting down and putting the stones down physically, hearing the click, watching everything jostle towards the end of the game, etc.

    And on top of that, it’s one of the games where humans have the advantage over computers. Human pattern recognition and intuition for the game far surpasses the best algorithms currently available. We have to keep our edge :).
    commented Fri 12 Nov 2004, 12:00:08 AM :: link
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