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22 October 2005 Saturday

the quick current

slated in moments at 7:53 pm

or the current, quickly
or the quick currently…..

my computer, my beautiful 5205-s703, is essentially dead. more on that later.

this comes at a really horrendous time. websites need to be built ASAP, house is being moved and everything is everywhere and a mess and people around are stressed and stressful. and now i need a computer. now.

i’m currently on a spare toshiba satellite A45-s121, which i am setting up to be as homey as possible, but i can’t feel very at home due to items such as:

  1. the highest resolution it can reach is 1024×768. 1024×768 on a 15” screen. that is not cool to me. (i quite much shun XGA, i put up with SXGA, and i am really ticked off that Toshiba has completely removed UXGA from all its computres!) also, half the graphics memory i’m used to. but i think it’s probably the XGA that’s making everything so unnattractive, rather than the 32MB for graphics… i’m not running anything like photoshop on here either.
  2. half the memory i’m used to. 512mb should be nice enough, but it’s not really…
  3. i’m sure the Celeron processor is fine, but it doesn’t seem to be keeping up with me like i’d expect. yes, i’m not gentle with my computers. i have no intention of lowering my expectations of their performance. engineers just need to get with it and imrove them, and more importantly, companies and designers and marketers need to put the right features together and sell them to me.
  4. it does not have integrated wireless. no wireless!!! i didn’t know they made them like this anymore… and this computer isn’t even that old.
  5. the sound on it is pretty weak. typical laptop sound… but i’m not used to typical laptop.
  6. all this is aside from the fact that all my files and settings are far far away from me, and may not be retrievable whatsoever. at least i have bblean up on this machine (thank goodness i’d put that whole folder up on a directory in ferrydust at one point way back. that’s way helpful.

so, i need a new Ali computer and i need it fast. i was looking at Sonys, but i have no experience with them and their extended warranty service, so i’m feeling kind of stuck in my Toshiba comfort zone, while remaining very bitter about the lack of UXGA.. but i guess it will be necessary to purchase an external monitor anyway, and that will have to reach a min. of 1600×1200.

i’m looking for the following:

  • pentimum M 2ghz or better
  • one stick of 512 (i will upgrade that separately)
  • SXGA or better (grrrr)
  • 128 mb graphics or better
  • 80gb 5400rpm HDD or better
  • wireless a/b/g
  • i will definitely add a comprehensive 3-year extended warranty.* preferably a 12-cell battery if avail.

this isn’t going to be expensive at all.

that’s my little rant… most fun i’ve had in a week.
i have to run back to old house now to fetch more stuff. when the f@*% am i going to get to work on other necessary things, PLUS order a much-needed computer?? (plus fetch my old one. with the beautiful beautiful screen, but broken most everything else.)

anyway, i’ve got myself at least partially back online (wired!!!) now.

Comments on the quick current

  1. john
    get a mac :)
    commented Sun 06 Nov 2005, 12:28:18 PM :: link
  2. John, That’s what I’ve been telling her for weeks now. A 15inch Powerbook and she’d be so happy…
    commented Sun 06 Nov 2005, 01:24:56 PM :: link
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