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05 December 2004 Sunday

Applications to live by

slated in consumed, moments at 4:06 am

Since i’ll be doing a wipe and fresh restocking of all my necessary applications on my computer once i get it back, i figured i’d put together this list offhandedly for myself, and may as well have it up here for whatever use or interest it may be to others. It’s in some sort of an order — vaguely the order in which i’ll restock my computer. What am I missing?

  1. Mozilla Firefox – web browser (open source)
  2. bblean – Blackbox for Windows; replacement shell for Windows Explorer (open source). very transportable. i don’t sit long with any computer before dropping this one on it.
  3. Gaim – multi-protocol instant messaging client; AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, and MSN Messenger replacement (open source)
  4. Nullsoft Winamp – MP3 and other media player (free)
  5. Maxthon (previously MyIE2) – web browser, Internet Explorer replacement (free)
  6. Crimson Editor – notepad replacement and code editor (open source)
  7. Core FTP Lite – (s)ftp client (free)
  8. Mozilla Thunderbird – email client (open source)
  9. VLC – Media player (open source)
  10. Azureus – BitTorrent client (open source)
  11. Opera – web browser
  12. eMule Plus – p2p file sharing client (open source)
  13. EditPlus – notepad replacement and text, html, programmer’s editor
  14. Dachshund Bundle (AntiCrash, Hare, Battery Doubler, Zoom)
  15. TuneUp Utilities – Windows optimizer
  16. Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Acrobat)
  17. Macromedia Studio MX (Fireworks)
  18. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
  19. TopStyle ProCSS (and XHTML) editor
  20. ACDSee – digital photo manager
  21. TotalIdea Tweak-XP Pro – Windows XP tweaker and optimizer, particularly to remove MSN/Windows Messenger

My computer should be back to me tomorrow afternoon. ‘Will then begin the grueling process of reformatting the disk (NTFS, not FAT32, right?) and then deleting the unwanted Microsoft and Toshiba software that comes standard. Then, in with the apps and on with the computing.

Comments on Applications to live by

  1. For obvious reasons, I don’t have too many “must-have” applications. Really only one.


    This is a free ssh client and amazingly useful for all your ssh client needs. SSH tunnelling is a very good thing indeed.

    The only other thing I can think of, is that I’ve heard Foobar2000 is a good media player
    commented Mon 06 Dec 2004, 8:16:30 AM :: link
  2. i think i did use PuTTY at one point, when we telnetted for our email at college… i’ve forgotten how to do all of that though! but pretty fundamental to Linux, i’n’t it. that’s simply what i have to learn.

    Foobar2000 i’ve heard of, but not ever tried… now that you mention it, though, it does seem to come highly recommended.

    i would also like to give OpenOffice a try… (i’ve had my mom on it for quite a few months now, in place of MSOffice.. i’ve heard no complaints).

    Also, Gimp.. i tried it briefly for something at work a few months ago… i didn’t have enough time to get into it, and i do understand that it doesn’t nearly compare to Photoshop.. but i trust it would be a fair attempt..

    and i’m seriously considering this Linux thing now…
    commented Mon 06 Dec 2004, 8:09:32 PM :: link
  3. berto
    Run with it, babe. Linux for you and Panther for me.

    I’m getting a mac!!! Do you think it’d be too extreme to fly out to CA tomorrow to pick it up and take it home with me that day? Is it bad that I’m seriously considering that? So serious that I looked at tickets?
    commented Mon 06 Dec 2004, 11:02:37 PM :: link
  4. .... OY.
    commented Mon 06 Dec 2004, 11:53:43 PM :: link
  5. Well… PuTTY is not exactly fundamental to Linux. In Linux you just type “ssh hostname” and do it. It’s just one of those things that’s there automatically (or mostly automatically…) The need for PuTTY is because it’s NOT there in Windows, and probably ought to be. I just happen to like my machine being on and available, so I can ssh into it anytime I need to and do something. Windows Telnet is a very ugly program, and telnet is fundamentally a problem because your password is sent over the network in plain-text. So… if you’re in Windows, you have to have PuTTY (unless you never, ever , ever get to a commandline.)

    I do a lot on my web site from ssh’ing into SDF so that’s another reason.
    commented Tue 07 Dec 2004, 2:23:12 AM :: link
  6. Well, if you find good tickets, there’s an Apple store in South Coast Plaza that’s not too far from John Wayne airport :-). It might be a bit insane though at Christmas.
    commented Tue 07 Dec 2004, 8:18:50 PM :: link
  7. don’t encourage him! do you have any idea what he was like when he was waiting for the Alias DVD set to arrive at his house?
    commented Tue 07 Dec 2004, 8:32:58 PM :: link
  8. berto
    Oh yes, what a wait it was. (Damn you free shipping at best buy)

    And only to have my entire block lose power for a couple of hours as soon as I started playing the DVD once it finally arrived to my house…

    And how often has my block lost power in the past 10 years? Let’s count it…once during the hurricane that smacked the entire east coast. and once for Alias day thanks to the stupid curious squirrel.

    commented Tue 07 Dec 2004, 10:32:13 PM :: link
  9. I remember that… Squirrel paid for his curiosity with his life. Aww.

    commented Fri 11 Jan 2008, 11:13:32 PM :: link
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