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“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

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enough to make it seem like I was only there long enough to disappear…


if I could stay away, I would..
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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

30 November 2002 Saturday

x.dream: asian store

slated in dreams at 6:44 pm

dream: asian store, different treats in same basket, class.. sitting.. one person sitting in front, one sitting behind… mumbling.. talking… sitting elsewhere.. a round laminated piece of art/work that is familiar.. signed by else.. by me on back; i keep.. familiar/representative identities.. japanese the asian store? keep wanting to say ‘thankyou’ but undecided on language…

cambodian temple this morning… then out till late afternoon having mommy-daughter time.. sun leaves so fast…

25 November 2002 Monday


slated in dreams at 5:56 pm

dream: classroom… baby… group counselling/legal session.

beaUtiful day.

24 November 2002 Sunday


slated in dreams at 4:40 pm

lots of dreams. something moving into chestertown again… furniture not being sufficient for my usual room setup.. roommate is handicapped (wheelchair).. end up considering changing sides of the room (i usually always keep to the same spot i’ve had plotted and lived in so long/previously)....  segment about going to the diner and taking the freshmen to the upperclassmen diner (something about my friends not knowing i’m back yet… so i’ll run into them whenever)...  something about being found by an agent of good or something and being turned over to specific side… then her daughter is attacked by an agent of bad because she wasn’t supposed to interfere with peoples’ paths and directions… turns out i have some power (like energy rays/telekinetics) and potential for real influential power..  ...those are the gists of it..

19 November 2002 Tuesday

x.dream: ma-ma in malaysia

slated in dreams at 4:03 pm

dream must’ve been in malaysia… was at grandparents old house only it was a different house… based on the old estate grandfather owns… much more elaborate… aunty cheng and ee-ee were clearly there… something about a lot of bathrooms/washroom areas… grandmother was in a tub that was more or less a basin which is more or less normal for malaysian bathing… except that normally you don’t actually sit in it…  grandmother, ma-ma, (passed away just a few weeks ago) was checking the bottom of one of her feet for something… she was paying much attention to that…. ended up outside… something about selling the whole property… as one piece… not dividing it after having given much consideration (grandfather, kong-kong) but the property being so huge… and i considering that it would be so useful if it were back in the u.s…. though even in malaysia, the land could be worth so many things… but such a large piece… and something about oil pipes on the border of the property.. and moving bricks and dirt to look for ‘overlaid pipes’ or something about that… some other people… i dunno.  this morning taking lor to school… kit wa mai sabai… yuen kuen: see daam.. mai dee.

who saw the meteor shower? http://www.weather.com/newscenter/topstories/021118meteorshower.html

18 November 2002 Monday

x.dream: konstantine

slated in dreams at 4:47 pm

unusual, in-depth dream..  something about a school… a place… a guy… a girl… there were lots of other people too..and at least one other significant girl, i think… but it comes down to them….. the girl being as or more attractive and a bit more edgy than lana lane in smallville (i know. wow. wink face), and the guy being alright but a lil soft in character… and… and something to do with being at a sports event… and walking around the back of the bleachers or soemthing… this was all nighttime, i’m pretty sure.. and something with going for a walk… something to do with a carnival or something..or a club… and then communicating online and trying to ditch the guy decently after interfering with the girl who for some reason has interest in this guy who clearly did really have interest in her before… and by trying to ditch the guy, talking to friends online while he’s there… and when he looked away, typing something like “he’s here.. come save me…” and closing the window really fast.. but that wasn’t it… it was typoed and the typo made sense verbally, so had to retype and send again quick before he came back.” and mild other thinkings around this plot that i don’t specifically recall but remember them being. ...and as waking up (was awake but not done waking) had the line playing over in my head “this is to a girl who got into my head with all the pretty things she did.. you know.. you keep me up in bed.. this is to a girl who got into my head with all the fucked up things i did ..maybe ..maybe you could keep me up in bed” (konstantine)... what exactly specifically does that verse mean anyway?  the day got sunny. this morning was not pretty. now it is. i approve.  whoever placed the order on the day, right now is looking good; well done.  and i happen to know that there are some absurdly perfect brownies downstairs… breakfast time. wink face

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