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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

it may not always be so;and i say
that if your lips,which i have loved,should touch
another’s,…that i may go unto him,and take his hands,
saying,Accept all happiness from me.


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I never needed light to see you


Even the best fall down sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhyme.. out of the doubt that fills my mind, i somehow find: you and i collide.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

17 October 2010 Sunday

A little more than we think.

slated in moments at 8:56 pm

rice soup
October September
Epic Mickey
Do A Deer

20 September 2010 Monday

slated in as so, moments at 4:11 am

When guests are arriving soon for a party/gathering at my parents’ house, I can always mark it by the music that Dad will have turned on in the living room. It used to always be George Winston, which made me think of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now he nearly always turns on Josh Ritter, which I don’t associate so much with Thanksgiving/Christmas as I do with a hundred other things. They still add up to home.

26 July 2010 Monday

slated in moments at 1:16 am

I am here

27 June 2010 Sunday

slated in consumed, moments at 10:34 am

Have been organizing and clearing some old files on computer and moving many things to discs; also organizing discs and coming across many memories.

Just refreshed my appreciation for Death Note (the anime, manga, and movies; all gold).

Also, watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog again; funness. But, while she is adorable, I am still really disappointed with the choice for female lead; she doesn’t display half as much character as the two other leads. Also unchanged is that several of the songs keep running through my head unendingly and will likely do so for another week or so (before going back to just occasionally, randomly), but that should be true for everyone who watches it.

*update: Actually, it got replaced rather quickly this time by the Man of No Importance soundtrack.. I liked the live production’s version better than the Original Cast Recording, but glad to find it anyway.

Have been reading mostly scifi lately, and quite happy with the books.

Have fully caught up on Naruto and have been rewatching more eps than I intended, but happy with all of it. I love Naruto (characters, stories, production, intention) more than ever.

Visited three different doctors’ offices in one day.

I think I am about to become a really big fan of rhodiola.

Waiting on three books, all parts of series, expected to be released in 2011 (although one might never be finished/published…ever).

I generally prefer paperbacks to hardcovers; I like my hardcover books, but I’m much more likely to carry a paperback out of the house than a hardcover.

I don’t know why it’s 3:30am and I’m not attempting to sleep. Falling asleep has not been an issue for me in years. Going to bed remains an inconsistent activity.

I really like (good) food. Oh, I enjoy eating some spicy stuff now — although I still prefer it with buffer of rice/bread/yogurt/cucumber or something or other to offset. Still do not eat wasabi, but I can see being a fan one day.

I’m very nearly at 300.

Many birthdays this week. But one.

We gamble all the time; we act as if we’re promised tomorrow. So much is assumed. I assume I will wake tomorrow; otherwise, I would not sleep now.

28 March 2010 Sunday

slated in dreams, moments at 7:01 pm

Dream involved a concert. I arrived late (why?) but managed to make it to front row between songs. Was meeting old friends.

Yesterday’s kite festival was festive and kite-filled.
Also good company, orchids, snackings, light tunnel, and ahi sliders.

I haven’t written poetry in years. (Why?)
<afterthought> this isn’t actually true.. but I guess the feeling is there. and I haven’t kept a consolidated journal of poetry in a long time. still room in the little blue book. or maybe I’ll start a new one.
I need space. </afterthought>

I love reading good books, except that I simultaneously really want to finish them and really don’t, because I’ll miss reading them. That’s how good things are, I guess?
But not all good things must end. I believe in that.

I am really crushing on this book.

20 January 2010 Wednesday

slated in moments at 10:33 pm

a lot of dreams this past week.

I’ve pretty much fully moved over to my 2010 calendar now, but am still carrying around my 2009 in case I need to refer to something..(though I haven’t really, so far). That will stop soon.

I slept a lot yesterday. Not caught up on sleep/energy cycle yet, though.

My hair’s finally back to the length it was almost a year ago. It’s been months since I had it trimmed, but I may still wait a while before I risk losing 3-5 inches again. But it’s back to a length that finally has me wondering when I’ll chop it all off, again. But then I remember how long it took to grow it out, and how happily warm it keeps me in the cold outside, and indoors in the summer.

06 January 2010 Wednesday

slated in moments at 6:57 am

Sometimes it passes without incident. Right now is not one of those times. Retreating to bed; looking for safety.

04 January 2010 Monday

slated in moments at 6:33 pm

Happy New Year!
I figure I can keep saying that to everyone for at least a few more days.

Starting today, the word of the moment is “confluence”.

22 November 2009 Sunday

slated in moments at 8:38 pm

“Just three miles from the rest stop”

Kaya (ohemgee yay!) and toast, blueberry pancakes, and a bit of cheese.
Definitely not hungry but still feel like eating something.

Have had the Steve Porter Community Remix running in my head for weeks now. It’s awesome. Also probably reasonably amusing for those listening to me (attempt at) reciting it.

Seeing as how there are far more important things I’m supposed to be doing, I may actually get my room clean.or close to it.

slated in moments at 7:21 pm

“Just three miles from the rest stop”

Kaya (ohemgee yay!) and toast, blueberry pancakes, and a bit of cheese = breakfast.
Definitely not hungry anymore but still feel like eating something.

Have had the Steve Porter Community Remix running in my head for weeks now. It’s awesome. Also probably reasonably amusing for those listening to me (attempt at) reciting it.

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