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04 March 2017 Saturday

Ferrydust in 2017

slated in site-building, moments at 6:09 am

Hosting issues (around 2012) were ultimately the breakdown of this site, plus life in general. I’ve tried a number of times to recover this site, and it’s taken several years for me to finally be able to recover it such that the content and the structure are actually in the same place and speaking together. Meanwhile, yearsss have passed; the internet has changed in several ways, as have blogs and integrations and styles; I have changed in several ways, though I am still very consistently me — fondness for ice cream and absurd sleeping habits and all. I dream more and consistently than I used to recall. I considered changing the name, retiring the Ferrydust persona and domain; then what would be the girliest thing I own? Well, there are probably more things to choose from than there used to be. Anyway I’m keeping my Ferrydust mantle. Still repairing the site, and then will carve and modernize. Good things in good time.

Anyway. I’m here. A ton yet to do, on all the fronts; however I’m really happy to have my online home back.

Site inventory (broken things) moved over/added to Site-building fdv2.

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