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I appreciate feedback, and general “hellos” and good-natured sentiments. Drop a comment in the form below or Email me   :)

~ 22Oct2004

Comments on Talk To Me

  1. Tim

    So…this is how I ended up here…I was listening to Arthur Yoria’s album on my iTunes – I needed lyrics so I googled and hit songmeanings.net – there were the lyrics to “I’m here to stay”...one of my favorite songs. I had to click and see who this one magical person was who submitted lyrics…so I clicked on the link and found your site….I read on….wow…I’m smitten.

    commented Fri 27 Oct 2006, 6:02:01 AM :: link
  2. ur damn God

    hey~ u pretty china-disliker, ur website looks fantastic outside but all smelly crap inside.

    I still dont understand why American idiots like u hate china so much.. were there some nightmares china bring to u in the past? have u ever been raped by chinese people?
    if not, i strongly suggest u remove the harsh remarks u wrote in ur closestool!

    Thank u kid!

    commented Sat 25 Nov 2006, 3:30:48 PM :: link
  3. ...dude! You’re referring to the ridiculi post in which a friend of mine who was living in China for a while, was grumpy at China for a day, and made that comment — as a joke! The negative comments that follow it have been a huge surprise to myself and my friend, and we have commented back in kind. Btw, I’m part Chinese. ... I and my friends have no issue with China. Argh! I’m really going to have to write a whole post addressing this, aren’t I. Arrrghhhh!

    commented Sat 25 Nov 2006, 9:04:01 PM :: link
  4. ur damn God

    I am sorry for my harsh remarks on u and please dont take it to heart, it’s a “joke”,right? but what if I wrote something like“Americans are all idiots,they are assholes,they are garbage….“on my blog and add a line at the bottom—-“it’s just a joke,don’t take it seriously,My dear American people.” imagining that u were a kind yankee who just happened to see my “joke”??

    Seriously,dude…I have some sense of humor but that “joke” is not funny at all!

    commented Sun 26 Nov 2006, 5:29:30 AM :: link
  5. Tessa

    Hey there, I was just admiring your site and curious where you got it from… did you just buy it or is it some sort of blog site?

    If you could e-mail me back and let me know I would REALLY apprieciate it.

    Thank you

    commented Fri 22 Dec 2006, 1:53:56 AM :: link
  6. shami kiely

    love your stuff….love your music taste….and pretty to boot!!

    commented Sat 20 Jan 2007, 6:39:38 PM :: link
  7. Niklas (The blonde from sweden again)

    Hi :)

    I just noticed what kind of sour add I made on your “I hate china”-blogg the other day when I was still sick. I have my periods. Could you delete my add? I think it will get out of hand because of me :P


    commented Sat 05 May 2007, 3:49:46 AM :: link
  8. Never talk about China like that ,never!You are not able to.China is really agreat country ,clear?!

    commented Fri 20 Jul 2007, 8:25:23 PM :: link
  9. Richard

    We two seem to be the only ones who really miss the “feature that allowed you to click a tab you are already on, which drops you right to the tab you had most recently used” [from 02 April 2005]. I tried to find a button that would simulate that action, but couldn’t. (I can’t believe others don’t miss that feature.) I also tried to create one of my own using the instructions on Nontroppo’s site and the button creation tools, but was not completely successful. However, if you create a button for “Cycle to next page” and then right click after clicking on the button, it will accomplish the same thing.

    commented Tue 25 Dec 2007, 4:45:31 PM :: link
  10. junhoe

    helo cuz. its me. just wanted to know how you were doing. i mailed you a while back but you must have missed it. anyways ..miss ya!

    commented Mon 01 Jun 2009, 6:14:26 PM :: link
  11. George Matthew Lauer

    WE have no idea how we found you, but your website is excellent. True, everyone has an opinion, but we found the meaning of The Catcher in the Rye. Need we say that we checked numberous other sites. Now how we we ever find you again?

    commented Tue 07 Jul 2009, 2:25:24 AM :: link
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