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30 June 2006 Friday

Site-building fdv2

since early April 2005

slated in site-building at 9:10 pm
To do, and done:

[x] lighten the lavender box;
[x] redo the bottom swirly so that it doesn't look so much like a snake, and perhaps -make it shorter this time (not such a long tail).-
what else..
[x] -figure out a better way to do the 'expand/contract'.. maybe with graphics..?- (got rid of the expand/contract All)
[x] oh, the ferrydust title needs to be done as a graphic (maybe.. i kinda like it in plain garamond..), with a hover graphic behind/underlining...
those are the main things off the top of my head so far... the other pages have not yet been designed.. except site map, a bit..
[x] but have to figure out how to lay out 'words' pages..
[x] and the archives. although archives ends up being based largely on the plugin formats, with some customization afterward. some of what i've designed isn't possible yet because plugins aren't available to do some of these things.
[x] you know what? maybe -make that lavender box into gold/sand... that might work out better.- give it a try anyway.
[x] oh, and figure logo. but not right now. right now is sleep time. ..ended up with something. maybe elaborate at later date.
[x] have a --30-- article end symbol(?). nope.
[\] make bottom vine not so stubby/chubby. ..blah. maybe later
[\] have styleswitcher to turn off all images (but not all styling) ; not necessary 7+ years later with updated server capacity, etc.
[x] use switchcontent script to be able to turn on and off the boxcol... (will have to enclose box1,box2,box3,boxcol....) have that link accessible in the rightcol. -- didn't quite work... that is, it works fine, but the rest of the content does not move with it... why is that?
[x] fix bottom of boxcol to match the rest; right now it's a different shade of lavender/violet.
[x] add a 'mood/inspiration' (via custom field) for each article.. "this article was written _in a somber mood_; _in a fit of frustration_; _while clipping my toenails_; _while i should have been sleeping_ ... etc... have it output only if a mood was inputted. (mdn_if_custom)
[x] pictures section? or not? (will work more on this later.

[ ] 'elsewhere' section (as in sitemap) should mirroredly go into 'links' and 'about me'
[\] offer a print/plainview of the article ? -- nah
[/] figure a backup font to italicized garamond; a mac equivalent
[x] -add a div in boxcol1 (where boxbottom.gif is) and set that up with padding and margin such that a buffer of wordwrap is made around the existing swirly graphic... and then have the whole #content have a larger column (not dictated strictly by that bottom swirly).- leave as is
[x] need a favicon and avatar (simple favicon will have to do.)
[x] use switchcontent script for playlists, like so: http://www.jah.clara.net/mixtape.html.. also use for archives if possible
[x] install ie7
[x] adjust for working in IE (had to destroy comments layout)
[x] three different types of rss_archive... only rss_bycatsis working... answer: needed to specify "section" attribute
[X] why is the category slates (using rss_suparchivebycat) printing double entries list? answer: 'form' attribute is broken in recent revisions of RC3.. will likely have to wait for 1.0
[\] integrate technorati cosmos 'trackback' plugin ?
[x] format the archives
[x] monthly archives is trying to test in the boxcol
[x] category list pages are not working properly
[x] need to edit #welcome (on the sitemap)
[X] get rss_posted to have functionality of asy_showdate (only print date if different from previous article) 2017-03-- what did I want this on? Achievable now with if_different; let's assume this is is fine
[X] weird shifting occurs happens when page goes long... i have no clue where to begin fixing that. it's not tragedy, but it's weird and incorrect. you can see it if you compare a short page and a long one.. . I don't think this is true in 2017
[x] lavender box top and bottom images do not show up at all in Safari ... supposedly they do now. yay! ? :)
[/] glx_if (comments..) is not entirely working ... sposed to show "write a comment" in the pagenav, but doesn't. :-/ -- I think this is okay now?
[x] validate fdv2 xhtml
[x] set up comments from front page.
[x] no pagination on front page
[x] upgrade to latest rc3
[x] implement the custom fields
[x] recent entries list.. get rid of the <br /> between title and :: date
[x] built in txp:custom-fields and related conditionals do not work yet. keeping with rei_show_custom and mdn_if_custom
[x] change option to disallow textile for links, because that options it pretty thoroughly messed at the moment.
[x] search is not working 04/27 ..fixed 04/30
[x] getting double/repeating permlinks again 05/28 ... solved! 5/5/5:"bluearc in forum":http://forum.textpattern.com/viewtopic.php?pid=52623#p52623 revealed that this was caused by zem_link, and offered solution: "A quick fix is to comment out line 34." // if ($url_mode==1) $url = $url . (empty($rs["url_title"]) ? stripSpace($rs["Title"]) : $rs["url_title"]);
... "more solutions now":http://forum.textpattern.com/viewtopic.php?pid=54248#p54248
[/] ...it's not just zem_link that has this problem... chh_article_custom appears to also be working in 'old permalink mode', and produces the same double-title permalink problems :-/ 2017-03-- I think this has been since solved
[x] tcm_if broke. dunno why. 04/28
[x] dates are totally whacked ..this was fault of jad_oldposted.. apparently not working.
[/] find out what's so significantly slowing down page. (no surprise) conditionals? plugins? is there an error reporting i can do to see how long things take to load/go through? must work on page load times. i know a few of the culprits, but haven't figured substitutes yet. 2017-03-09~ tag trace is available;
[x] closed almost all comments
[x] working on archives pages 04/29
[x] category pages are not working (might be because of the rewrite command in .htaccess.. will worry about this after launch... other fish to fry right now newayz) .fixed. required glx_if_category_list to counter the others

[ ] implement advanced search
[x] figure how to do the words pages.. split out quotes, ridiculi, lyrics ..all good!
[x] check site in firefox and IE (been only checking in Opera) ..mostly okay.. a messed in IE when open comment form. :-/
[x] create playlists pages

[ ] fix sitemap properly
[ ] create 'siteography' section at a later date
[x] gravatars aren't working
[x] comment date/times aren't working
Yay!!! updated low_discuss solved comment time/gravatar problems
[X] solved another gravatar blank issue..had to write full URL
[x] link categories (in lavender box) are not working on /links section :: /links (mem_glinklist) ..not reflecting categories. might be the plugin, but may well not be. 2005-05-14~ thoroughly working now, thanks to "this tip by danielk":http://forum.textpattern.com/viewtopic.php?pid=53765#p53765 : "since mem_glinklist uses ?lc for category links instead of ?c, the links being generated by stw_category_tree wont work. i changed the 2 references in the code for of mem_glinklist, from 'lc' to 'c', and have the links accessible through section 'links'."
[x] working on minimizing conditionals .. think i've just about eliminated all i can.. split out into a few more pages.. might have to split out into more forms.

[ ] add contact form
[x] low_discuss has appeared to drop low_discuss form... ..will be fixed in next update of the plugin .. then can also put back the live preview. 5/5/5 upgraded to low_discuss 0.5, commented out one line: // $out = n.'<div id="'.gTxt('comment').'">'.$AnnotateInvite.'</div>'.n;
[X] all date-related plugins are (consistently 4 hours?) ahead.. it's quite badness... clearly not the plugins' fault, since ob1_modified, rss_posted, rss_suparchive, jad_oldposted, etc. surely would not all stop working at the same time.... unless one of them is steering the rest of course? is that possible? 2017-03 I think this is long since solved
[X] css not showing on pages with long-article names. strange error
[X] apparently frontend [edit] links were visible to others. they're not supposed to be! that should be fixed now.... (thanks Rob)

[ ] compact the textbox: labels in boxes -- I think this is referring to comments?
[x] the footer vine is quite misbehaving. 2005/05/18~ fixed; added #one div because hooking it on #wall was ignoring the footer as content.
[x] when 'briefs' articles are on override form on frontpage, whole page is broken. find problem and fix it. solved by the following:
[x] 5/5/5: eliminated section 'briefs'... am only using override form now, instead.
[x] livesearch implemented :) "rob":http://wilshireone.com is so cool.
[X] not a new problem, but it is a problem: custom fields do not take any html. messes everything up. (Still true in 2017-03) solvable by doing escape=""
[x] broke rss_suparchive_bycat somehow... thought it was the references to 'briefs' section that i recently deleted... but fixing that doesn't seem to have solved it. this happened before.. i forget how it was fixed...
..okay, what the heck. i turned off a few plugins, turned them back on... and now it works. ... i think that's what happened last time too. absurd. i'm glad it's working again though!
[/] comment form is thoroughly messed up in IE.
[/] why is html stripped from excerpts? 2005may20~ it seems it is textile that is being stripped..not html... which is almost as disturbing. haven't heard more on the progress of this yet..2017-03-09-- custom fields utterly ignore html; not cool @2017-03-14 can allow html with escape=""; applied to custom fields.. doesn't look like excerpt allows for escape
[x] upgraded from RC3 rev336 to rev360 -- friday 13 may 2005
[x] iching (Fêng) symbol added for Fun Shui ~2005-05-14
[x] old ferrydust is up for posterity. ~2005-05-15 | &2023-03-11 this is no longer functioning
[x] zem_link was broke for a little bit due to some good edits [x] rss_live_archive is "live":http://ferrydust.com/livearchive
[x] live preview had apparently not been working in firefox. "thank you James":http://shtuff.us for "pointing it out":http://ferrydust.com/journal/773/adjacent-selectors-should-work-both-ways#c000221, and for suggesting the solution was a misassigned id.. don't know why it had been working so happily in Opera.
[x] upgraded to rev392
[x] to control comment form output, must always do a small hack, ala "Chris McLeod's":http://www.pixelmeadow.com/ instructions:

Find the following code in publish.php, at around line 387 -- it's at the end of the doArticle() function. ...

if (($Annotate or $com_count) && !$preview) {
if($use_comments) {$article .= discuss($ID);}

comment it all out (put // in front of each line)

[/] apparently the preview button is hidden in safari? hm? check this out... ~07-24-2005. meh
[x] fixed comment form display in IE (textarea was overlapping the other fields) ~18august2005
[x] upgraded to Textpattern 4.0, rev795 ~14august2005
[x] fixed 'never display email' option in low_discuss plugin, thanks to instructions by doggiez

edit plugin code and change:
if ($email && !$web && !$txpac['never_display_email'])
to: if ($email && !$web && !$never_display_email)


mid-May 2006 html and css loss... have to rebuild... pending items:
[ ] Calendar (whole section/page) is exploded all over the place when html and css broke need to restore
[X] restore comments form to double column (see old fd mockups and screenshots; they're there) ~23march2017
[x] pre-existing problem: Recent Playlist cannot show artists/authors of songs. (replaced with last.fm code) ~June 1, 2006
[x] big unhappiness: vinetoe graphic is not hitting the bottom on single article pages, as it does on the other pages, and as it used to. don't see what's different about the single article pages that it's insisting upon this, but I'm displeased. June 1, 2006~ SOLVED! was a superfluous </div> on the 'words' template.
[x] holy @$&*! totally broken in IE! I would've never known. Argh. was annoying enough fixing it the first time! ~May 25, 2006 (not sure when this was fixed)
[x] playlist section is basically restored now, I think. ~June 1, 2006
June 30, 2006~
[x] had entirely forgotten about the Live Archive page but it is now fixed (css). Calendar pages are still broke at the moment.
[x] found that I never fixed the links and id numbers for picture references from old ferrydust version... so spent a bit of time on that yesterday and synched it all up. Entries that should have showed pictures but weren't, now do.
October 30, 2006~
[x] made column fixes (sizes and margines) to accommodate dumb IE7. Ferrydust does not like IE, but it does work..
[x] not sure when this happened... maybe 4.0.4.. but rss_suparchive_by_cat is showing only category headers..which makes for a not-so happy archive. dunno. I don't think it's the plugin's fault, cuz working nicely in trv2. but in trv2, am using forms, but not in ferrydust. maybe ...
[X] rework rss_suparchive_by_cat to use forms (like trv2) - replaced with built-in tags
[x] streamlined the site a lil bit. should make some difference on load times, but I'm not sure. site could use a WHOLE lot more streamlining..... or starting from scratch. no time to do that yet, though.
November 2, 2007~
[/] rewrite ferrydust from scratch. implement dynamic width.

[ ] instead of background color (lavender, rounded corners) for subheaders (on main page), use vines as sub-underline/subframe.
Not working (end of @2017-03-03)
[ ] last.fm music clouds on /playlists (lastfm_tagcloud is broken. I turned it off.) ..turned it back on.. it is broken though. I think the issue is on last.fm side :(
[X] About page
[X] Ridiculi lists
[X] zem_ir in box on /comments/
[X] zem_ir on /calendar (x3)
[X] Links page
[X] Words page
[X] archive/page navigation on every page

[ ] Journal individual article page (right column)
[X] custom fields are not showing
[ ] Subscribe to email updates
[X] txp:article tag is nonexistent? calling outputform instead.. Pretty sure there needs to be a regular txp:article around here somewhere, otherwise things like draft previews are fail. 2017-03-06 SOLVED -- Stef helped me identify was an error in database (`expires` column); this was a huge solve
[X] article form @words contains the nonworking custom fields (with conditionals)
[X]Clean URL data test failed; sgb_url_handler is broken

[ ] eventually run full debug; however, everything is broken right now, so debug mode is too much mess
[X] turned off zem_link too; hopefully wet_link can compensate -- did I install that yet? I think I did..
[X]turned off asv_amazon; will need to repair instances. Repaired instances, replaced with manual links @2017-03-05

Also check:
[ ] Live Search
[/] Archives (various)
[ ] eventually clean up the plugins, the pages -- on it
[X] initial article is not showing on front page.. yet the other article tags don't seem offset, though they're missing the initial article...
[X] removed txp:css n="dustingbadIE" from *head

[ ] disabled plugin txp:rss_live_search; will need repair
[X]disabled plugin sgb_url_handler and installed gbp_permanent_links. working.
[X] rvm_css is up to date
[X] seeking help from beloved textpattern forum as to misbehaving txparticlecustom tag.. using Sandbox section. **Stef SOLVED it!
[X] turned off mdn_show_custom and rei_show_custom. currently hiding those occurrences; find and remove later when certain; currently using for reference/backup.
[/] search for and replace plugin tags with built-in tags. Test when needed on Sandbox. Some of the built-in tags (if_custom_field) are not working properly, however they're working in the sandbox, so must be a plugin interfering.
[X] turned off ajw_clean_feed
[/] remove all zem_ir
[X]replaced rsx_frontend_edit_link with txp:rss_article_edit
[X]turned off zem_ir
[X]replaced rss_article_edit with
[X]updated jnm_audio
[/] all the jnm_audio calls in articles right now are broken links; the plugin seems to work beautifully, just need true links to the audio files -- probably will let this go, since people use youtube and such these days yes? I suppose there could still be inaccessible music files.. will seee.
[X] eliminate upm_textile ?
[X] txp:rsx_word_count appears innaccurate ~2017-03-07 was a mistake of txp:article_custom where should have been txp:article
[X] this article won't load, perhaps because the title is all numbers. Same is true for post titled 23. Checking with forum Pretty sure it's a plugin. will have to test turning off individual plugins. .. identified rss_suparchive as the cause. all works well with sgb_url_handler turned back on
[X] replace all instances of txp:zem_link href with txp:permlink id (in articles) | I finally did this &2023-03-11
[X] boxaboutinfo in the lavender box is not working
[X] dru_chatometer on http://ferrydust.com/comments (Most-commented in right col) is returning messy urls
[X] set up conditionals in sandbox to view individual_article
[X] mobile view. eventually. -- no. I generally prefer things on mobile screens to be original/full-site view anyway; plus this is context over content
@2017-03-06 --
[X] removed ako_nav, replaced with static code (which was actually already long implemented on all pages)
[X] replace rsx_word_count with smd_article_info.. testing.. word counts are the same between them -- totally inaccurate.. Also of issue on this page is the AboutInfo in lavender box is reporting no comments, yet this article has over 50. **solved: was an article vs article_custom issue. duh. Keeping rsx_word_count for total word count. may not need smd_article_info..
[X] replaced dru_chatometer and asv_random_article with article_custom
[X] working in the mid of form (catArchives, slowly replacing rssSupcat with built-in-tags, per instructions

[ ] updated rss_unlimited_categories, however don't have it all working properly yet..
[X] TONS of progress on "archives":/archives, form (catarchives; much thanks to forum peoples
[X] date archives might like some attention

[ ] clean up html and css
[X] the "googlenav" page navigation at the bottom of articles
[X] removed instances of etz_hilite. kind of want it back
[X] etz livesearch and livearchive is working

[ ] livesearch and livearchive needs styling and proper form implementation
[X] implement caching on catarchive and datearchive pages?
[X] datearchive pages are shaping up. cross linking to /calendar/ pages too
[X] What is the /and/ section? I don't remember. Whoa. figured out what the and section is for Very handy, Alicson.
[X] remove permalink offer on article pages; the internet is mature enough these days, doesn't need it
[X] Adjust styling for .note blockquote (e.g. this article's rendering) -- have done so, however some of it is bizarrely having zero effect.

[ ] I messed up calendar year on all the calendar archives/nav/boxes.. either that or they renderer differently on ipad.. better check it. Should be quick fix. *Nope. It is an ipad thing. check
[X] On /calendar/ page, category slates are going to /archivebydate/ rather than category /archives/
[X] "Comments count context is wrong":ferrydust.com/journal/8/about-me for single comment, in lavender box. Ah there's a double invitation. Just eliminate the earlier one, probably. It was more than that. I've now resolved, replacing glx_if_comments with txp:variable and smd_if (for greater than conditionals; txp:variable is completely limited to exact values)
[X] On /archivebydate/ category names are showing with hyphens. -- it's asy_showcat.. I would rather use txp:category, and yet that's coming up blank. see "my note at forum":https://forum.textpattern.io/viewtopic.php?pid=304613#p304613
[X] On comments change "permalink" to "link". Again, internet grew up a bit in the past years.

[ ] consider Twitter/Instagram/tumblr integrations? and/or basic links (see Windows)
[X] Change articles (ridiculi) "attributed to J":ferrydust.com/ridiculi/j to other designation
[ ] Handwrite ferrydust h1
[X] removed asy_showdate
[ ] rvm_css does not appear to be working.
[ ] html validation is going -- slowly, yet going ./
[ ] see re: last.fm api
[X] calling article by ID alone is failing. should be able to call by ID without full title, and should be able to stick an ID into any section and have it render as if owned by that section. that's how it used to work and was one of the best features. -- not working even when all plugins are disabled. -- turned sgb_url_handler back on and this works perfectly
[X] replace instances of anc_hide, incl in articles. what happens though if txp:hide tags are accidentally nested? that can't be good. check for that?
[X] installed rvm_substring to truncate comment_message in lieu of asv_message, which served well for ages however now seems to be failing to strip tags..; hopefully this will suffice and won't have issues with unclosed tags, etc..-- don't want to install three new plugins to take care of one silly issue. wish there was
[X] asv_recent_comments replaced with txp:recent_comments; however, the built-in tag really sadly does not have excludeid of an article, which was a really great and logical feature

[ ] txp:related_articles isn't working properly
[X] I think my txp:category AND txp:if_category are all broken; txp:if_category name="ridiculi" this is failing. and already established that asy_showcat works where txp:category fails. why? Disabling all plugins makes no difference... okay txp:if_article_category works.. .. went through and used conditionals and category1 (and 2) to replace asy_showcat ; calling multiple tags for now to make that work; it's a decent hack.
[ ] check and learn oui_flat (rah_flat) forum ref recommended by Destry
[ ] turned sgb_url_handler back on and it's working very very well -- except I'm betting there are a ton of error codes behind the scenes. I'll look into it. ; yes error codes, no not yet solved
# of plugins. currently 58 plugins active. now 41. now 39. now 37. now 32.
[X] updated #archiveoffer#pagination; tons of conditionals.. improved... still tons;
[X] turned off txp:beginning, chh_related_articles, dca_pop, jad_oldposted, mdn_if_section (was a very favorite), mem_article_count, ptv_if, rss_live_archive, rsx_word_count, smd_article_stats, upm_savenew, wet_recent_comments, wet_slimpattern, zem_article_info, mem_glinklist, glx_image, ob1_googlenav, upm_textile, tcm_if, mic_permlink, lastfm_tagcloud, asy_showcat (replaced w/ conditionals and txp:variable), swf_if_empty (replaced w/ rvm_substr) gho_comments, kgr_safe_excerpt, replaced gbl_ with htn_ for comments and post count (sitemap); these plugins were soooooo important for me... I am very very very grateful for their existence.. They served me very well; SO much very thanks to the authors and people who helped support.

[ ] relearn how does mem_akismet work?
[X] links page is completely dead. Okay. have mostly repaired... still needs work...needs categories, and possibly paging
[X] fixed comment form (floats and some wording and such)
[X] solving pagination issues. installing etc_pagination likely to have to replace ob1_pagination because it was awesome however doesn't work for article_custom which is necessary because journal+briefs, etc.
[X] replaced all glx_image instances with txp:image and txp:thumbnail poplink="1"
[X] getting this error Tag error: txp:comment_permlink -> Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given while parsing form @ words on page words which goes away when plugins are turned off; on /words/lyrics list page. solvable with <a href="https://ferrydust.com/journal/695/site-building#c">. In this case I just needed the #comments anyway..
[X] tightened up the Playlists page. I don't mind the text overlap; more important for me to have the content condensed
[X] widened the maincol
[X] pagination issue: journal page opens page 1 and 3 ; seemingly all good
journal>stuff page opens page 1 and 3 ; seemingly all good
words>lyrics does NOT open page 1 nor 3; does open 32.. probably an issue with the variable pagecount?
words does NOT open page 1 nor 3; does open 85, 84 ... same as above
SOLVED: I forgot that words contains 20 entries on a page rather than 10 (journal); updated: txp:etc_numpages pageby="20"
[/] second crash. didn't mark earlier error, just repaired database. mdn_count: You did not specify section or category. -> Textpattern Error: Table 'textpattern' is marked as crashed and should be repaired while parsing form #catlist on page words
third crash. Tag error: <txp:mdn_count category='<txp:category />' /> -> Warning: mysqli_query(): (HY000/1194): Table 'textpattern' is marked as crashed and should be repaired while parsing form #catlist on page archive

Tag error: <txp:mdn_count category='<txp:category />' /> -> Textpattern Error: Table 'textpattern' is marked as crashed and should be repaired while parsing form #catlist on page archive
[X] etc_pagination on search page.. I posted question Once that's solved I can disable ob1_nav.. otherwise, search page relies (flawlessly) on that plugin. this is solved.
[X] fixed search, at least the sidebar version. Calling it a night.before too much more day happens.

[ ] need to restore /search/
[X] added class .shh
[X] restore /tags/ page, proper links and such
[X] working on tru_tags
[X] use this/similar:
<txp:variable name="hasCat"><txp:category1 /><txp:category2 /></txp:variable>
<txp:smd_if field="txpvar:hasCat" operator="isempty"><txp:else />
<a href="/<txp:section />/?c=<txp:category1 />"><txp:category1 /> <a href="/<txp:section />/?c=<txp:category2 />"><txp:category2 /> </txp:smd_if>
to replace the remaining instances of asy_showcat. NOT TONIGHT.
[X] asked about smd_if replacing glx_if_frontpage soo_if_frontpage is the solution here
[X] Ran into this while loading ferrydust catarchives page, while working on (datearchives form; something to do with txp:if_different and rvm_if_privileged, likely? >Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 65552 bytes) in /home/goodgrape/ferrydust/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(1782) : eval()′d code on line 438
[X] fixed an issue I had not noticed with etc_pagination -- I had not accounted for differing categories between words and journal. All good now. Also now accounted for offering pagination only for pages that have more than one.
[X] also cut out some pieces according to custom fields nodate and notitle; linked to date in some cases

[X] Added twitter embed, however I strongly dislike being unable to remove the avatar/my profile name repeated over and over and over and over. Tumblr's implementation is a thousand times better. If I can't find a workaround I may take the twitter embed out altogether.. Took it out.
[X] implemented pagination on date archive (it had been loading slowly when all on one page); pagination is good, however am unable to jump to months since they're not all on one page anymore... will have to figure solution or put it back. Got it "very much thanks to Oleg
[X] updated some About articles roughly

[ ] 404 page needs formatting
[ ] future implementation notes fr Forum. perhaps replace article_custom
data="SELECT DISTINCT custom_15 FROM textpattern WHERE Section='products' AND custom_15>'' AND Status=4 LIMIT 2000" />

wrap etc_cache (previous advice was ask_cache) around the code
learn to be able to implement some pure php where effective
[X] making use already of etc_cache for (catarchives and (datearchives
[X] trying to solve Links page ... how to make *linkable* list of link_categories? let alone implement pagination..
[X] made some changes to the front page; subtle, however they were painful.
[X] something's wonky with the nav css (hover--border or padding or something) when/why did that happen? Ugh. it's just weird in-between zoom/resolutions that it happens, otherwise it's perfect. after much trial/error, nothing to solve
[X] category archives broke. since when? ::sigh:: .. it was etc_cache -- implementing it in the wrong place will make the page unresponsive to category changes. Now should be good.
[X] had an awful few moments, having totally replaced a Section with contents of a form. Now backing up all the pages. must be more careful.

[ ] links like this don't work because unlimited_category/tagging systems aren't playing right.. planning to likely switch all over to smd_tags when I have some time -- or skip another night of sleep.
[X] new page/section called windows. will use for embedding/widgets/glimpses of other sites;
[ ] building Windows page slowly
[X] no longer need "nifty" script for rounded corners; built-in css now has border-radius.
[X] wrong cats (not all of them are showing up on "catarchives":/archives .. I'm currently working on individ category listings, however will need to check on the full list too. and turn etc_cache back on after done with all of this. FIXED; this took about two days to fully resolve. is now fully resolved. goodness.
[X] took a long while to work out proper nested <ul> on that page.. had to hack it some..all the nested conditionals and things made it tricksy.
[X] style livearchive. form ; and view source
[/] Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 405917 bytes) in /home/goodgrape/ferrydust/textpattern/vendors/Textpattern/Tag/Registry.php on line 83
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 65552 bytes) in /home/goodgrape/ferrydust/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php on line 263
[X] valuable help from Oleg on archives, pagination, caching, use of php/querying.. some of it is still well beyond me, however I'm making headway in understanding the concepts and getting to know some of the syntax, at least enough to utilize and possibly effectively edit a bit as needed.. not nearly enough to compose my own symphonies as yet, and not sure that's to be in my cards

P.S. we're in TXP 4.6.2 at the moment
[X] the catarchives pagination with cache were not quite working.. now they are, thanks again Oleg
[X] cached a couple more things. the thing about this is that saving things takes extra time.
[X] made some fixes to "Sitemap":/sitemap particularly on the css side
[X] restored some entries that were previously removed because of reasons I didn't like at the time and I'm not abiding them now
[X] gave dynamic sizing to background

[ ] clean up styles.
[X] shift headers for post titles, and add hidden .sc.
[X] Links page is sort of working
[X] some links categories are working, some are not. haven't found the distinguishing issue yet... those categories are populated with links, I tried freshly saving them, no avail. Oleg again saved the day; pointed out missing specification of category type=link
Chinese characters (and similar/others) were all lost in the site transfer/upgrade/restore) This also includes characters with accents on them, wherein comments that have special characters like that are missing after the character, or show up only as ?? or nothing at all. It's a sad.

[ ] replace jnm_audio links with [listen 🎵] links @2023-03-10
[X] well there's a few hours of my life gone just getting this one article to save. probably parts of the content are still broken, hopefully it's all here. parts of it didn't want to parse, absolutely awful; ended up turning off Textile on the main article which of course is all kinds of additional trouble. I'll probably still be finding and fixing elements in this article for the next few years. Meanwhile, it's actually hours past my [new] bedtime @2023-03-11
[X] fixed rss_unlimited_categories error @2023-06-28
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