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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

“He thinks that morals are paintings on walls and scruples are money in Russia.” [imdb]

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Caught a bolt of lightning… curse the day he let it go.
And he who forgets will be destined to remember.
could’ve been something..


“If only you and I could trust each other through this,
then together we could work out who the enemy is.”

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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

26 March 2020 Thursday


There is stew on the stove and I’m going to eat it.

13 August 2019 Tuesday

Soft plushy coziness

Got cold enough to pull over a soft plush blanket and I’m now surrounded in soft plushy coziness and very happy about it.

09 August 2019 Friday

New Orleans oysters

New Orleans has alll the oysters and many of them have visited my belly and I am a happy.

13 June 2019 Thursday

How did we ever defend ourselves without vacuum cleaners

Little things with tiny legs should not be allowed to move so fast
How did we ever defend ourselves without vacuum cleaners
and sneakers

I thought that crush was gone

Gosh darnit I thought that crush was gone. Fine.

14 August 2018 Tuesday

Hair cut

My hair hasn’t been this short in a long time.

11 August 2018 Saturday

Effective spatial sense

My spatial sense sometimes astounds me with its effectiveness. I wonder where it comes from, and I am very grateful for it.

09 August 2018 Thursday

side progress was had

Side progress was had. Does little for the task list, yet does plenty anyway.

Gmail understands me

I like that Gmail considered 8:00am Thursday as “tomorrow” even though it’s currently 2:50am Thursday. Gmail understands me.

07 August 2018 Tuesday

I can wear this skirt again

It’s amazing how much difference five pounds makes. I forgot how many more clothes are available to wear at this size.

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