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15 May 2008 Thursday

The Pink Tie

slated in moments, ridiculi at 4:13 pm

me: Which tie did you bring? Oh, the awesome pink one!

Dad: Not a pink one. It’s black and white.. and red…

::looks back again at a tie with an elegant pattern of small diamonds within diamonds, set on silk that’s a color between mauve and magenta — deep rose, even — with darker maroonish diamonds within, and faint white/grey threads for small diamond patterns within those, with arguable dark grey as a matter of shadow where the fabric is indented to make the diamond patterns. It’s not even a little bit a “black and white” tie::

me: It’s pink.

Dad: It’s not pink.

me: It’s a very elegant pink tie.

Dad: It’s not a pink tie!

me: … You weirdo. Half the awesomeness of that tie is that it’s pink! Anyway, I’m a girl; we have established superiorly superior recognition of colors. Guys see in 8-bit color…

Dad: —What?

me: You see red green blue yellow white black… We see maroon, cornflower blue, baby blue, chartreuse, sunflower, marigold, powder blue, sea green, aquamarine, cream, shell, carnation pink, brick red, burgundy…

Dad: Yeah, well it’s obvious that men didn’t invent those things. We were too busy with important things —like making beer!

It's a really awesome tie, btw.
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