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13 June 2008 Friday

Recurring comments when people visit my desk at work

slated in as so at 7:04 pm

Approximately one out of every five visitors (a lot) to my cube will ask/say the following:


Are you comfortable like that? / If I tried to do that, I’d break something. / Where are your shoes? / How do you do that?

I move around a lot in my chair when at my desk at home. I tone it down considerably for work, but still very often fold my feet up under me or to the side on my chair or crosslegged, if not stretched across my computer that makes for a good under-the-desk ottoman. Naturally, I tend to remove my shoes.


Where’s your computer? / How can you see that? / Can you see that?

I point to the left corner from where they’re looking and expecting my monitor to be. My monitor is positioned 3 to 4.5 feet away from my body. It’s perfectly located to be as far from me as possible in order to be kind to my eyes, and to allow me view of my cube opening and the window to the trees, sky, birds, sunshine and rain. I find myself leaning forward fairly often, but it has much less to do with seeing what’s on the screen and much more to do with me shifting my posture or trying to blot out distractions.

Less often but also reoccurring, I get comments about my cube size, and sometimes the view.

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