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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

19 September 2017 Tuesday


slated in dreams, moments at 1:07 pm

Dreams involved I think two sibling pairs of cousins. And a school play. And during rehearsal being expected to sing lead in one of the segments except I was very distracted trying to reach siblings through messaging on phone, and then didn’t know the song whatsoever, and teacher was absurdly kind about and suggested I do a next time show if I wanted.. And I think two of the cousins made it to the play later and it was a very eclectic theater including a back room with large fish tanks, surely student projects; they looked good though and served well enough in backdrop for the play. Cousin(s) very fascinated with the play. Still trying to reach the other cousins through phone. Earlier in dream, phone had been damaged (I thought lost) so I hastily got a new one, yet transferred data through microSD, which alerted me that my old phone was still available because otherwise where from had I retrieved the memory card? I think was in car with friend, and dropped her off having been in the midst of a very serious/personal discussion.. I was good with it.. I don’t remember much else, however there was much else. I think last thing I recall was friend showing up with adorable baby girl daughter ~toddler at the theater/play, except his real life daughter is in ~middle school.

Pining over hardware that has yet to be released is very frustrating. And pointless. Investigated and eliminated Yoga X1 on the basis on now-outdated chip. Waiting on Yoga 920 with 8th gen Intel, with extreme-res avail like my Yoga2Pro so that should be fine. Also waiting on Pixel 2. Pixel XL went a good nine months without slowing up on me.. now I’m feeling its age and I miss the crispness. Having lots of space, frustratingly, is never enough because if you’re at ~75% capacity, then the device shows it, no matter how much that 25% actually is.

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