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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

24 March 2005 Thursday

Playlist 03/23/2005

slated in playlists at 7:35 am

I'm not sure i'm done with my soft music mood, but i'm clearly shifting out if 'I Was on the Moon' is my song of the day..

Apollo SunshineI Was on the Moon

I was on the moon when you were born.. Taking one small step and thinking it was a giant leap…

i’ll add a few more to this entry over the next day or so.. i just in the mood to get that one up there.
So this turns out to be the “mildly-upbeat list with somewhat solemn themes”.. i guess that works

Jack Johnson – Better Together, Sitting Waiting Wishing
Ida – Blizzard of ’78 (Alternate Take)
Le Chevre – Worst Day
Jamie CullumAll at Sea

Like a warm drink it seeps into my soul.. Please just leave me right here on my own.. Later on you could spend some time with me if you want to
— All at sea…

This one’s for Lor: Dogs Die in Hot CarsGodhopping

High-heeled they are always looking down, Down their confidnce is struggling hard to get around … So we go to all the traffic and children, who live far away, on the back of a big bus all the way to Bombay… When they go I am with them.. but it won’t be long — Godhopping for good times when everything starts to go wrong

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