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12 August 2006 Saturday


slated in moments at 10:13 pm

How is it 3:00 already??

Brief notes to myself:

I finally signed up for the Textdrive Mixed Grill offer, so I’ll get so really see what the whole of Joyent is about. Strongspace will be especially useful for my Dad.. that’ll be good.

Finally upgraded to the new dev branch of Textpattern… Rob had made me aware that I had been upgrading from the wrong source all this while… The admin panel changes on the new revsion are very cool.

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve played in the Text* forums but it’s nice to be dabbling in there even a little bit again.. I really do love that community.

I’ve really been resisting it, but I think Ferrydust may actually get a makeover in the not-too-distant future.. not by this fall, though.. maybe I’ll start on it toward mid/end of winter. or spring. that sounds reasonable. Other sites to remake this fall. first.
Especially, Textpattern Resources WILL get rebooted THIS year. way overdue and way happening in th next couple months.

mid of August is still considered solidly summer, right? But it’s been very cool weather this week.. I’ve been comfortable in both long sleeves and shorts… haven’t been running my fan at night, and happy under a second blanket.. it’s almost cold in the shade.. it’s blissful in the sunshine.
But it is almost September, and September is generally back-to-school month and school starts in autumn.. so…. so are we in practically in autumn already?

in mention of school, Lor heads off to Cali next week for university. He is going to have an absolute blast… hopefully also does the whole classes/studying/academic excellence thing…

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