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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

20 August 2006 Sunday


slated in moments at 9:26 pm

Today’s a better day than yesterday.. though yesterday wasn’t so bad in itself either..
Looking again like it will actually rain today.. though yesterday’s implication of rain didn’t pan out.

It was mentioned to me yesterday that I seem to pay significant attention to the weather, or at least I tend to mention it.
I’ve noticed that also.. and i’m a bit amused by it, but it’s simply… I don’t know. I have noticed it a lot. I have liked it. I like noticing it and I like that it matters and I like that I have not been disappointed by it once in the past many weeks. I’ve forgotten what I said to describe it yesterday… something about the weather being the landscape upon which everything else is drawn. Sort of so. it’s a sort of general shared context by everyone in a vicinity. The contents of days either frame around it, or occur through it.
And that’s enough about that for now.. (no rain yet today…)

My house fills up again on Wednesday.. I thought Tuesday, but that’s not so.

Apparently I really am bad about eating properly when left to myself. I guess it’s something to be a bit concerned about, but I do actually tend to eat when I’m hungry. I dunno; actually I don’t think it’s always a problem for me, I just think my appetite is occasionally out of whack lately, and that’s for fading reasons and doesn’t concern me.

My comp’s defragging right now, so I’m on someone else’s. Took me quite the while to figure my name and password combination to log in to write here.

Within the past two weeksish I’ve heard said a lot: “I don’t have [enough] time for ____.” This is a silly thing to think/say. Of course there’s not enough time for everything, but there is enough time for everything important. Time is… not an illusion, but it’s not this insurmountable obstacle. It’s manageable, just like just about everything else. The Power of Now book doesn’t really believe in time. I’m not quite there, but I don’t think it’s incorrect.. The view it takes on time is a very healthy one if one can wrap their mind outside of the typical box.

In some respects, this weekend was pretty significantly wasted.. but as far as what matters, this was a good weekend to have, and despite the many other things I might have been doing instead, I was essentially where I should have been, doing essentially what ..I could.

It’s late lunch time for me.
It’s not a question of whether I’m hungry or not, nor whether I know what I want to eat or not.
I’m not particularly hungry, but I still know I should put (reasonably healthy/substantive) food in my tummy anyway.
So there I go.

*update 3:02pm~ It did rain :)

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