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13 February 2008 Wednesday

Boo on Newegg

slated in consumed at 4:28 am

Newegg.com and I are no longer BFF. Until they learn what “service” is, I am ceasing all advocation of their site and “services”, and will turn amazon, zipzoomfly, tigerdirect and 3btech, etc.

I’m really disappointed.
I was a big Newegg fan, and recommended them frequently. Can’t do it anymore. This is the second mishap with their delivery services within just a couple weeks. And their response is that they’re not responsible for shipping once it’s out of their hands. So they’re blaming UPS. But I didn’t pay UPS, I paid Newegg. Newegg should follow-up with UPS to demand better service if necessary. Their customer response has been courteous, but not particularly responsive/helpful, and replies arrive sporadically (from a few hours, to a week+ delay).

I placed an order for an item and paid Newegg for it to be delivered in a given/reasonable timeframe. This was not done. [The package turned out to be damaged/missing, but no one ever contacted me to say so. I found out by looking up the package tracking.] I was not notified of any problem. No correction was available, no compensation was offered. I noted clearly that I would not be available to receive a delivery for upcoming several weeks, and asked that Newegg HOLD the item until my return, since it was not delivered much earlier as it should have been. The item was delivered with no one to receive it, and again no correction or compensation is offered. That’s not service, that’s pay-and-hope-nothing-goes-wrong.

Comments on Boo on Newegg

  1. John Doe

    First off, you must not know how an online business works. I know you must be smarter than that. You should know that a package can not be put on HOLD, once you hit submit order button the order is processed. Now, once a package is damage during shipping a claim is file for either a refund or a replacement, surely you can not blame Newegg for UPS mishandling your package. Believe me I use to work at UPS, we kicked around alot of packages.

    commented Mon 17 Mar 2008, 04:42:07 AM :: link
  2. I didn’t ask the package to be placed on hold when I placed the order. I told them that since the package had failed to arrive to me within the timeframe for which I had paid them, it should NOT suddenly be delivered now because I was not going to be anywhere near my home to receive packaged for an extended period.

    If there was a problem with the package, UPS should have sent notification to the people paying them for their business. But I was Newegg’s customer and I paid Newegg to responsibly handle my order, my item, my package. If I had not noted that my package was over three weeks late, then no one would have noticed, right? And I’m the only one who should care, after all, right? No. I’m the one who would care most, but a company providing a service should follow through on the complete service. Until the package arrived safe at my home, without defect or error, Newegg’s job and contractual obligation was not fulfilled.

    And if the ball is dropped and there is an error of some kind — whether it comes down to the shipping service or not — then I do fully expect the company I’m dealing with to show appreciation for the failure on their part, and to offer some sort of compensation or satiating gesture.

    Newegg failed on every count: package was not delivered, customer was not notified, compensation was not offered, package was then sent to a vacant address after customer had informed they would NOT be able to accept packages for an extended period, compensation was not offered.

    After all this mess and lots of conversation with customer service (polite, but not very responsive and quite unhelpful), I was conceded a small dollar amount off my NEXT purchase. This is not compensation. This is bribery (and not much of it) to continue risking poor quality service.

    I used to really love Newegg. Until I learn that something has changed, I’m staying far away from them and have ceased my positive recommendations thereof.

    commented Mon 17 Mar 2008, 04:35:41 PM :: link
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