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22 July 2008 Tuesday

re: Dark Knight

slated in consumed, mused at 5:00 am

I can actually stand by most of this one: Dark Knight writeup.

Hancock does not hate himself, which is why that does not present on screen; Smith acted that out just fine.
“This is how it works” recurring themes in life that makes them okay and survivable? I’m not sure I could find that more distasteful, but I’m sure our vantage points and contexts translate those lines very differently.

But of course I agree on Dark Knight. And I’m not afraid of clowns to begin with, but Joker reaches way beyond the usual crazy fears anyway. I don’t think it’s ever occurred to me that “laughter” could be turned to “slaughter” with the simple addition of an “s”. That disconcerted me quite a bit, for some reason.
An agent of chaos cannot be viewed with merciful eyes. He’s fascinating, and even appreciable if you can bend your mind around, but he is beyond saving, and an asylum/prison is a silly place to put something that promises itself as an unstoppable force of destruction. It’s not even as simple as kill or be killed, it comes down to something much simpler. He won’t just kill you, he’ll maim, torment, kill, destroy—according to whim and level of chaos factor—your family, friends, city. And you won’t kill him because it’s against your morals? As far as a selfish choice goes…

p.s. If you didn’t watch Batman on an IMAX, you really are missing out. Go find an IMAX theater and do whatever it takes to secure the back row. This is how this film is meant to be seen. And it’s awesome.

p.p.s. That lotion smells like cookies and mint. And now I do too. o_O

p.p.p.s. Solid and thorough Dark Knight review from Pajiba

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